South Archived updates

Working in the woods at Border Moss

Date: March 2016


Over the last few months we’ve been busy in one of our woodland properties called Border Moss. Border Moss covers approximately 18 hectares of the 388 hectares owned and managed by the Authority in the Rusland Valley.

Hawkshead Trail

Date: March 2016


We have recently negotiated the creation of a bridleway between Hawkshead and Wray Castle. This involved working with the various landowners and Parish Council’s in the area to provide a suitable and sustainable link for cyclists to and from Hawkshead. We have improved the surface of the rights of way network and improved the site furniture by replacing stiles with gates. Below are some examples of the surfacing and site furniture improvements. This work was funded through the Go Lakes Travel Programme which was a Government initiative to transform how visitors get to and travel around the central and southern Lake District.