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Donate towards the National Park, and help us in our work for as little as £10.

We maintain more than 3,100km of paths and bridleways. Millions of visitors, combined with our Cumbrian climate, means we are constantly carrying out improvements and maintenance. By making a donation today, you can help us look after this spectacular place now and in the future.

You can choose to support us by selecting a place, project or person you wish to sponsor - or by making a one-off donation.

If you are donating in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special occasion, you can add a simple engraved plaque to a finger post, gate, stile or bridge and choose whether to add a message to our memorial and celebration web page.

"I took our children and Paul's brother and his wife to see what is now referred to as Paul's gate today. It's wonderful! So pleased with it, and it was absolutely the right thing to do to honour his memory."

Thank you, your donation will mean that more people can enjoy exploring the National Park now and in years to come. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us on 01539 724 555 (Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, Friday 9am to 4.45pm) and we'll be happy to help.


Choose how to support us in an area of the Park that is close to your heart by sponsoring finger posts, gates, stiles and bridges.

How your money could help

  • £150 could sponsor a plain finger post (no plaque)
  • £250 could sponsor a finger post with a plaque
  • £350 could sponsor a stile with a plaque
  • £600 could sponsor a gate with a plaque
  • From £1,000 could sponsor a bridge.

Pick an area and choose what to sponsor

Pick a place to sponsor on our map of the Lake District National Park

You can choose by browsing our interactive map of the Lake District National Park.

Or pick an area of the National Park:

All items available for sponsorship

Browse our list of all items available for sponsorship.


Donate to a Lake District project - from only £10.


You can donate towards the work of our Park Management team - from only £10.

Make a one-off donation

You can donate securely online to make a one-off donation towards our work in the Park.

You can also make a donation to our volunteer-led events programme, if you wish to donate following a guided walk or event.

Frequently asked questions

For further information about sponsorship and donations, please view our frequently asked questions.

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