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We maintain more than 3,100km of paths and bridleways. Millions of visitors, combined with our Cumbrian climate, means we are constantly carrying out improvements and maintenance. By making a donation today, you can help us look after this spectacular place now and in the future.

You can choose to support us by selecting a place, project or person you wish to sponsor - or by making a one-off donation.

All our donations and fundraising activity is delivered through the Lake District Foundation. This is an independent charity, part of the Lake District National Park Partnership, which raises funds for conservation, environmental and cultural heritage projects across the Lake District.

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"I took our children and Paul's brother and his wife to see what is now referred to as Paul's gate today. It's wonderful! So pleased with it, and it was absolutely the right thing to do to honour his memory."

Memorials and scattering ashes in the Lake District

If you plan to scatter ashes, you always need the landowner’s permission to spread ashes on private land.

If you are thinking of scattering ashes on water, please try to avoid areas where people might be swimming, fishing or boating while you’re doing the ceremony. For inland rivers or lakes contact the local Environment Agency to check there is no nearby water supply.

We understand that families may wish to leave a temporary memorial item, however, it’s important to only use biodegradable, not plastic, wreaths or flowers if you need them. Ideally, we would encourage people to make a donation towards a selected National Park project or location in memory a loved one, such as a gate or bridge, whilst at the same time contributing toward the future of the Park.