Smarter Travel

A vision for sustainable visitor travel in the Lake District National Park, 2018-2040

Our vision for travel in the Lake District National Park in 2040 is to keep the Lake District special through four key themes:

  • Reaching the Lakes
  • Linking the Lakes
  • Active travel
  • Smarter Travel

These four integrated themes will come together to reduce visitors’ reliance on their cars and keep the Lake District special.

We anticipate continued growth in visitor numbers, with potentially 22 million visitors per annum coming to the Lake District by 2040. We aim to increase the share of visitors who use sustainable travel in order to minimise this impact on the landscape and communities, to maintain, and where possible enhance, the tranquility and beauty for which the Lake District is appreciated.

The sustainable travel measures are wide ranging and innovative, embracing opportunities presented by technological advances alongside developing opportunities for travel and recreation such as walking and cycling.

Whilst the vision is for 2040, the delivery plan is until 2020, to provide the opportunities to update as new opportunities arise. The delivery plan includes ‘quick wins’ alongside work towards the development of iconic walking and cycling projects and innovative new approaches.

The Smarter Travel Vision was agreed at the Lake District National Park Partnership in December 2018 and we are working with partners to deliver it.