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Visitor travel in the Lake District: A 2040 vision

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To find out more and continue to develop we are working with ACT to find out which vision of the Lake District residents, businesses and visitors would like to see. To kick it off we held an online debate. More details, including a written summary and recording can be found here

Smarter Travel Vision

Our aim is to catalyse transformational change in the way people get to and around the Lake District.

Our vision for travel in the Lake District is of a place where visitors and residents can experience new opportunities to travel sustainably, where visitors from around the world are served by integrated quality, iconic travel experiences, to the benefit of the economy. Where more people choose to walk, cycle, travel by boat, rail or bus as the best way to discover the spectacular landscape.

This will result in:

  • Creating a more enjoyable, relaxing and healthier visitor experience
  • Reducing impacts of traffic on communities and the landscape
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Increasing spend in the visitor economy

1. Reaching the Lakes

  • Transformational transport enabling 50% more visitors to reach the National Park by rail and integrated onward travel linking showcase areas of the Keswick, Ullswater and Windermere corridors.
  • Quality, integrated marketing and mobile ticketing engaging visitors to explore the Lake District sustainably
  • Cultural and international visitors to the Lake District World Heritage Site arriving at quality designed gateway stations

Train travel

2. Linking the Lakes together

  • World class integrated water transport, zero carbon bus and autonomous vehicle services with stop and jetty infrastructure and information carrying 30% more visitors
  • Improving transport hubs and managing car parks to encourage use as explorer hubs

Travel by boat

3. Active Travel

  • More visitors walking or cycling from their door on a promoted route from every village or accommodation hub
  • Walking and cycling activity promoting health and well being and linking communities and visitor destinations
  • Creating 120 kilometres of new multi user trails

Walking in the Lake District

4. Smarter Travel

  • Working with partners on new smart tech developments to revolutionise how visitors and residents travel, including shared transport, mobility as a service and real time parking and transport information linked to existing mapping and booking apps
  • Ensure the Lake District is a leading place for transport innovation and accelerating new technologies to market including intelligent parking and transport systems, electric bikes and electric, hydrogen and autonomous vehicles

Electric car travel

5. Keeping it Special

  • As a minimum % visitors arriving by car decreasing from 83% in 2015 to 64% in 2040. Less than ½ of visitors’ main mode of travel around the Lake District is car by 2040. Ideally, we are aiming for even greater increase in sustainable visitor travel
  • Our action plan requires investment into the Lake District transport and visitor services, delivering economic benefits from visitors who stay longer and spend more locally.

Biodiversity in the Lake DistrictThese four integrated themes will come together to reduce visitors’ reliance on their cars and keep the Lake District special.

We anticipate continued growth in visitor numbers, with potentially 22 million visitors per annum coming to the Lake District by 2040. We aim to increase the share of visitors who use sustainable travel in order to minimise this impact on the landscape and communities, to maintain, and where possible enhance, the tranquility and beauty for which the Lake District is appreciated.

Thinking about low carbon travel

The sustainable travel measures are wide ranging and innovative, embracing opportunities presented by technological advances alongside developing opportunities for travel and recreation such as walking and cycling.

Whilst the vision is for 2040, the delivery plan is until 2020, to provide the opportunities to update as new opportunities arise. The delivery plan includes ‘quick wins’ alongside work towards the development of iconic walking and cycling projects and innovative new approaches.

The Smarter Travel Vision was agreed at the Lake District National Park Partnership in December 2018 and we are working with partners to deliver it. Much of it has not been incorporated into our 2020-2025  Partnership Plan, particularly in the Sustainable Travel Key Outcome.

One page from a teacher resource STEM based activity pack

Using STEM to protect our National Park

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  2. Ideas for extension activities
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