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Whole Estate Plans

A Whole Estate Plan is a document prepared by a privately managed estate.

It sets out the assets of the estate and the opportunities and threats which the estate may encounter, and describes plans for the future. A Whole Estate Plan is designed to support an Estate which is generally a large landholding which includes complex commercial, social and environmental activities. It is generally expected that plans will be for privately managed/family estates with land holdings in excess of 400 acres, with multiple diverse activities, and employing or having residents in excess of 30 people.

A Whole Estate Plan should include environmental and social assets and issues as well as economic development projects.

The concept is to encourage open dialogue between the estate and the National Park Authority, to look at land holdings in their entirety in order to be as holistic as possible.

The intention is to provide clear baseline information which can then be used to identify opportunities and aid decision making for both the estate and the National Park Authority.

Whole Estate Plans should help to identify mutually acceptable and proactive solutions which serve the wider purposes of the National Park and deliver Partnership Management Plan.

Privately managed estates are responsible for approximately 20% of the land in the Lake District, so there is significant potential for these Whole Estate Plans to make important contributions to delivering wider public benefits for society, and helping to deliver the Vision for the Lake District.

Producing a Whole Estate Plan

A Whole Estate Plan is comprised of these key components:

Guidance was approved by PSV committee on 28 April 2021 which explains how we will support estates to prepare a Whole Estate Plan.

Endorsed Whole Estate Plans

An endorsed Whole Estate Plan will be a material consideration in determining planning applications and will provide a solid understood contextual background to any development proposals.

The inclusion of a development proposal within a Whole Estate Plan however does not guarantee that planning permission will be granted and any proposal will still need to be comply with relevant development plan policies. A Whole Estate Plan can also be used to help guide and support funding bids, agri-environment and forestry schemes and with other Natural Capital projects.

Lowther Estate

Lowther Whole Estate Plan

This Whole Estate Plan covers the core estate surrounding Lowther Castle.

The Lowther Whole Estate Plan was endorsed by Park Strategy and Vision Committee on behalf of the Authority on 13 May 2021

Monitoring progress of Whole Estate Plans

Endorsed Whole Estate Plans will be subject to annual monitoring to the Authority can understand and review progress being made on the delivery of the actions.