Lake District National Park Partnership

What is the Lake District National Park Partnership?

There are currently 25 organisations involved in the Lake District National Park Partnership. It is made up of representatives from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. In 2006, the Partnership agreed a Vision for the National Park in 2030, representing a collective commitment to work together in the best interest of the National Park, its environment, communities, economy and visitors. Their shared vision is that the English Lake District will be:

An inspirational example of sustainable development in action.

A place where its prosperous economy, world class visitor experiences and vibrant communities come together to sustain the spectacular landscape, its wildlife and cultural heritage. Local people, visitors, and the many organisations working in the Lake District or have a contribution to make to it, must be united in achieving this.

The purposes of this page is to demonstrate who the 25 organisations are, keys contacts and how we are collectively working together to proactively manage the Lake District National Park.

The Partnership’s Plan 2020-2025

The Lake District National Park Partnership recently developed its 2020-25 plan for the Lake District. A web version is under construction and will be available soon. In the meantime to request a copy please contact

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Partnership meetings

The Partnership meeting schedule and the record of Partnership discussions in our past meetings

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Partnership-Subgroups & networking meetings

Smaller working and networking groups contributing to the work of the Partnership

A volunteer in the Lake District

LDNPP Management Plan and actions

The Lake District National Park Partnership recently prepared its 2020-2025 Plan to manage the Lake District. To request a copy contact

Take a look at our partners

The Lake District National Park Partnership (the Partnership) was formed in 2006 because many organisations with a role in the Lake District National Park did not have a real sense of involvement in its management. Here is an overview of some of our partners:

The Woodland Trust and Freshwater Biological Association are currently Partnership Observers.