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Accessible routes

Our 50 Miles without Stiles more accessible routes

Miles Without Stiles

Miles without Stiles are walking routes for everyone. They take you along lake shores and riversides, to tarns and through woods, historic remains, and fell summits with amazing views.

50 'Miles without Stiles' routes map

As well as not having any stiles to climb up and over, they are more accessible routes suitable for people with limited mobility. This includes wheelchair users, families with pushchairs, the visually impaired, and anyone who wants an easier walk with no scrambling, climbing or steep hills. Use our interactive map below to explore where the routes are, or choose from the menu on the left.

Our accessible route guides

Distances shown are in kilometres for a return trip unless otherwise stated. Path conditions can change and be damaged, or eroded, by rain and bad weather. We do our best to carry out repairs quickly, but occasionally a route is closed, or diverted, for essential repairs. Check the individual route pages for up to date information on route conditions. Facilities such as toilets or bus timetables are also subject to change.

  • Staveley MWS

    Staveley Riverside, a short circular route along the River Kent.

  • Broughton MWS

    Broughton Miles without Stiles route follows a flat route along the old railway line.

  • Loughrigg Tarn in the sunshine

    Take a circular route around beautiful Loughrigg Tarn.

  • Electric scooter on Coniston shoreline

    You can get right to the water's edge on the Monk Coniston route.

  • View from Latrigg of Keswick, Derwentwater and surrounding fells

    View from Latrigg of Keswick, Derwentwater and surrounding fells

  • Keswick MWS scooter

    Derwentwater lake shore on the Friar's Crag Miles route.

  • The view from the summit of Orrest Head fell accessible path.

    The newly restored viewpoint at Orrest Head fell looking over Windermere lake below.

Route grades

Our grading system: for 'all', 'many', 'some' and ‘challenging’, is based on gradients and surface conditions. The grades are a guide only, our aim is to give you information about the route and the terrain, so you can decide if it is suitable for you.  Please be aware of your own, and your equipment’s capabilities and ensure your batteries are charged sufficiently if you need them. If you are unsure, maybe try a 'for all' route first, then a 'for many' route, before attempting a 'for some' route and finally, a ‘challenging’ route.

'For all'
  • Suitable for everyone, including pushchairs and wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Gradient: No more than 1:10
  • Surface: Tarmac or smooth, compacted stone with a diameter of 10mm or less. Path width a minimum of 1m with passing places
'For many'
  • Suitable for many walkers, pushchairs, wheelchair and mobility scooter users with more robust all terrain equipment.
  • Gradient: Existing gradients no more than 1:10, newly built gradients can be up to 1:8
  • Surface: The path surface will be rougher stone of 4 cm diameter or less
'For some'
  • Suitable for some walkers, and confident pushchair, wheelchair and mobility scooter users, who may find routes 'for some' within their abilities, if they have suitable more extreme all terrain equipment.
  • Gradients: not limited, but slopes over 1:8 have improved surfacing or handrails
  • Surface: There may be some low steps or breaks in the surface up to 10cm in height. Stone surface material may be up to 10 cm in diameter
  • Only suitable for confident users and those with more extreme all-terrain equipment.
  • Gradients: slopes up to 1:4 for short lengths (<10m) and up to 1:6 for longer lengths. There may not be any handrails.
  • Surface: may have longer sections of rough ground for some or most of route. May be soft, muddy with tree roots and rutting occasionally exceeding 100mm but not exceeding 200mm.

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Planning your visit

  • Getting around transport details. Check with Traveline if wheelchair accessible
  • Lake District Mobilty tramper hire is available
  • TGA Mobility specialist mobility scooters for off road terrain
  • Weatherline Lake District weather forecast: weather is changeable, no matter where you are. Wear appropriate footwear, consider waterproofs, food and drink

50 routes overview

View information on each of the 50 routes below with links to full details per route.

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Miles Without Stiles 1: Pooley Bridge

A linear route (0.9km each way) along Ullswater shore with superb views on northern reaches. Route for some. View route

Brothers water

Miles Without Stiles 2: Brothers Water

Gently undulating linear route (3.75km round trip) on wooded shoreline of Brothers Water, past Hartsop Hall to Sykeside. Route for many. View route


Miles Without Stiles 3: Kentmere

A linear walk (4.5km distance) into one of eastern Lakeland’s most beautiful valleys - OS Explorer Map OL7. Route for all. View route

Scout Scar

Miles Without Stiles 4: Scout Scar

A short, initially steep, walk (500m distance) to one of the best views across the entire southern lakes - OS Explorer Map OL7 Route for some. View route


Miles Without Stiles 5: Bowness to Cockshott Point

This is a pleasant circular route (2km) with gentle slopes around the waterfront of Bowness and quieter shoreline around Cockshott Point. Route for all. View route

MWS route 6

Miles Without Stiles 6: Windermere's Western Shore

A tarmac road and smooth stone track (9km distance) lead you up the quiet west shore, from the bustle of Bowness and Windermere. Route for many. View route

MWS route 7

Miles Without Stiles 7: Red Nab to Wray Castle

This walk (5km distance) hugs the wooded shoreline of Windermere to bring you out to the tranquil setting of Wray Castle. Route for many. View route

MWS route 8

Miles Without Stiles 8:Brockhole

A short route (1.5km distance) around the beautiful grounds of Brockhole on Windermere, taking in Windermere lakeshore. Route for many. View route

MWS route 9

Miles Without Stiles 9: White Moss Common

This woodland and meadow walk (1.25km round trip with extension for some of 1km distance) gives access to River Rothay. Route for all. View route

MWS route 10

Miles Without Stiles 10: Grasmere Riverside

A circular walk along the River Rothay (1.75km) away from the popular village . A longer 2.25km walk is available from A591 lay-by. Route for all. View route

MWS route 11

Miles Without Stiles 11: Elterwater to Skelwith Bridge

A stunning linear walk (2km each way) taking in lakeside meadows, an iconic new bridge, roaring waterfall and great food. Route for many. View route

MWS route 12

Miles Without Stiles 12: Blea Tarn

This linear path (1.5km each way) provides an upland experience and amazing views of Langdale Pikes. Shorter walk available. Route for some. View route

MWS route 13

Miles Without Stiles 13: Tarn Hows

This is a beautiful circular walk (3km distance) around this picturesque location. Route for some. View route.

MWS route 14

Miles Without Stiles 14: High Yewdale

A short walk to historic Yew Tree Farm (1.5km distance) used as Beatrix Potter’s home in the Renée Zellweger film. Route for some. View route

MWS route 15

Miles Without Stiles 15: Yewdale Bridleway

This undulating linear route (2.5km each way) goes under rocky ramparts of Yewdale fell side, through Yewdale Woods, linking with other Miles without Stiles routes 14,16, and 17. Route for some. View route

MWS route 16

Miles Without Stiles 16: Monk Coniston

This short route (3.5km distance) takes you between the lakeshore at Monk Coniston and Coniston village. A linear section of the route (1.74km) is suitable for all. Route for some. View route

MWS route 17

Miles Without Stiles 17: Coniston to Torver Jetty

A walk (3.5km each way) along the shoreline of Coniston Water, with the option of returning on the Coniston Launches from Torver jetty. Route for many. View route

MWS route 18

Miles Without Stiles 18: Broughton Railway

Broughton on Furness route (4.5km distance) starting in the picturesque town, follows the old railway line which originally went to Coniston to support the mining industry. Route for all. View route

MWS route 19

Miles Without Stiles 19: Dalegarth to Eskdale

Loop route (2.5km distance) with two spur path options, it links Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Station to Boot. Route for some. View route

MWS route 20

Miles Without Stiles 20: Walls Drive, Ravenglass

Set in the western village of Ravenglass, this (2.2km) walk takes you to one of the tallest Roman buildings in England. Routes for all. View route

MWS 21

Miles Without Stiles 21: Ravenglass to Saltcoats

This short linear route (1km each way) takes you from the waterfront of Ravenglass across the River Mite to the beachfront at Saltcoats. Route for some. View route

MWS 22

Miles Without Stiles 22: Calder Bridge

A tranquil, riverside walk (2km distance) aside ruins of Calder Abbey, described as one of Britain’s most enchanting ecclesiastic relics. Route for all. View route


Miles Without Stiles 23: Ennerdale Views

A loop 'for all' (2km) and a longer (4.2 km) level walk 'for many' along Ennerdale Water’s western shore with fantastic views of the wild Ennerdale fells. View route

MWS 23

Miles Without Stiles 24: Ennerdale Forest Road

A forest road in Ennerdale (18.5km distance) the wildest and least inhabited valley in the Lake District. A few sections steeper than 1:8. Route for some. View route

MWS 24

Miles Without Stiles 25: Buttermere Lakeshore

Varying lengths of walks, (1.5km/7.5km) depending on levels of ability. They all have one thing in common - the beauty of Buttermere!. Route for all. View route

MWS 26

Miles Without Stiles 26: Loweswater

This is a lovely level walk (4km distance) in one of the quieter corners of the Lake District. Route for all. View route

MWS 27

Miles Without Stiles 27: Dubwath Silver Meadows

This scenic wetlands nature reserve (2.5km distance) route, northern Bassenthwaite, is a haven for wildlife lovers. Route for all. View route

MWS 28

Miles Without Stiles 28: The Howk, Caldbeck

This is a short walk (500m each way) from the picturesque village centre to the old bobbin mill and the Howk limestone gorge. Route for all. View route

MWS 29

Miles Without Stiles 29: Mirehouse to St Bega's Church

This linear route (1.25km each way) takes you past historic Mirehouse and onto ancient St. Bega’s Church. Route for many. View route

MWS 30

Miles Without Stiles 30: Braithwaite to Force Crag Mine

A strenuous route (8km distance) that goes right into the heart of the hills. The gradients are not steep but rise continuously. Route for some. View route

MWS 31

Miles Without Stiles 31: Portinscale Riverbank Loop

This is a pleasant short circuit loop (1.5km distance) along the banks of the River Derwent, taking in Portinscale village. Route for many. View route

MWS 32

Miles Without Stiles 32: Stair Riverside

This is a beautiful riverside walk (3.25km distance) in a quiet and unspoilt corner of the northern Lakes. Route for some. View route

Sizergh route 33 - mobility scooter

Miles Without Stiles 33: Sizergh and Holeslack Wood

A circular route for some, 1.9km distance, setting off from Sizergh Castle Cafe car park.

View route

MWS 33

Miles Without Stiles 34: Derwentwater Lakeshore

This is a beautiful (8.4km distance there and back) woodland walk along the western shore of Derwentwater. Route for some. View route

MWS 34

Miles Without Stiles 35: The Bowderstone

An undulating short distance linear route (450m each way) with short steeper sections. Expect woodland and in May, beautiful bluebells. Route for some. View route

MWS 36

Miles Without Stiles 36: Friar's Crag

A beautiful and varied (1.25km distance) walk to a stunning viewpoint. A longer, circular route back to the car park, through Cockshott Wood, is also available. Route for all. View route

MWS 25

Miles Without Stiles 37: Keswick to Threlkeld

A stunning (10km distance) walk through the River Greta gorge. Route for all. View route

MWS 38

Miles Without Stiles 38: Latrigg

A short (1km distance each way) walk which is initially steep, to an amazing view of Keswick and Borrowdale. Route for all. View route

MWS 39

Miles Without Stiles 39: Armboth and Station Coppice

Two short routes (250m distance) with excellent views of Thirlmere Reservoir. Route for all. View route

MWS 40

Miles Without Stiles 40: Staveley Riverside

A circular walk (1.25km distance) on a level path alongside the River Kent and minor tarmac road, returning to Staveley Mill Yard. Route for all. View route

MWS 41

Miles Without Stiles 41: Loughrigg Tarn Circuit

A level path walk (2.75km distance) above Loughrigg Tarn with a minor tarmac road return. Route for many. View route

MWS 42

Miles Without Stiles 42: Lanthwaite Wood to Crummock Water

A gently undulating path walk (2.5km distance) to the shores of Crummock Water. Route for some. View route

MWS 43

Miles Without Stiles 43: New Dungeon Ghyll - Elterwater

A walk (6km each way) along Great Langdale valley with quarry and wooded riverside. The section to footbridge is suitable for all. Route for some. View route

MWS 44

Miles Without Stiles 44: High Tilberthwaite to Little Langdale

This bridleway (3km each way) winds through Tilberthwaite, Hodge Close, to Little Langdale Ford and Slater Bridge. Route for some. View route

MWS 45

Miles Without Stiles 45: White Moss Common

This lakeside and woodland walk (1.5km each way) with some steep slopes gives access to Rydal Water. Route for some. View route

MWS 46

Miles Without Stiles 46: Clappersgate to Wray Castle

Undulating linear (4km each way) walk along field and woodland to National Trust's Wray Castle on the shores of Windermere. Route for some. View route

MWS 47

Miles Without Stiles 47: Wray Castle to Loanthwaite

Undulating linear walk (3.5km each way) leading from Wray Castle through meadows and woodland to Low Loanthwaite. Route for some. View route

MWS 48

Miles Without Stiles 48: Hawkshead to Loanthwaite Lane

Short linear walk (1km each way) leading from the picturesque village of Hawkshead through the meadows north to Loanthwaite Lane. Route for many. View route

MWS 49

Miles Without Stiles 49: Dunmallard Wood Pooley Bridge

This level (440m distance) route takes you along the river Eamont through Dunmallard Wood to some benches. Route for many. View route

MWS 50

Miles Without Stiles 50: Orrest Head

This (3.5km round trip) walk summits the fell Orrest Head through Elleray Wood to 360º views over Windermere and fells. Route for some. View route

Bikes on West Windermere Way

Miles Without Stiles 51: West Windermere Way

This (3km round trip) is a section of West Windermere Way (1.5km of 8km) that starts at the Ferry and train terminal near the Lakes Aquarium, Lakeside. View route

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Watch our short (1.5 minute) Miles Without Stiles video below with footage of some our our beautiful accessible routes!

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