Bank Barn Conversion


This section of the code covers the conversion of existing buildings to residential use.

Design information to submit with a planning application:

The type and level of information to be submitted with a planning application depends on the nature and impacts of the application itself. The ‘How to Apply’ page of the our website provides guidance on what these different levels and types of information are, and when they are required.

All applicants should submit the checklist at the end of the Design Code.

Householder applications (extensions etc.) outside Conservation Areas and not involving Listed Buildings do not need to include further design information.

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Site context

Context and Character

This chapter includes codes relating to:

  • Character types
  • Site context and assessment
  • Historic assessment


This chapter includes codes relating to:

  • Local character
  • Building and roofing materials
  • Boundary walls and paving
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Sustainable Design

This chapter includes codes relating to:

  • Construction and embodied energy
  • Energy hierarchy and efficiency
  • Space standards
  • Lighting, aspect and privacy


This chapter includes codes relating to:

  • Gardens and balconies
  • Biodiversity net gain
  • Flood risk and street trees