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Community involvement in planning policy

Communities are vitally important in the planning process. They help develop planning policy, develop their own Neighbourhood Plans, and get involved in planning applications.

Community members may be involved as an individual, through a group, an organisation or as a member of an elected body like a Parish council.

How we involve communities in forming our planning policies

The Statement of Community Involvement (PDF Document) sets out how we will involve the community and other Stakeholders in the preparation of local planning policy documents and the consideration of planning applications.

The Statement of Community Involvement was adopted by Park Strategy and Vision Committee on 27 April 2016. It has subsequently been updated with a temporary addendum to reflect temporary changes in national Regulation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The temporary addendum explains what we will and not be able to do when consulting on local planning policy documents.

A consultation Statement (PDF document) has also been produced which outlines the comments that were made during the public consultation on the draft document, and our response to these comments.

We're producing a new version of our Statement of Community Involvement and want your views

Our new Statement of Community Involvement aims to have a more flexible approach to consultation and engagement. Should an event/situation arise where we cannot carry out traditional face to face methods of
communication, we will rely more heavily on the use of online content and new technologies to ensure that effective engagement with the community is achieved.

We'd like your views on how you'd like to be able to give us your views on planning policies in the future.

Draft new Statement of Community Involvement

Give us your views on this short survey

Timeline for consultation, reporting back and adption of new Statement

The consultation will be open for 6 weeks from Monday 27 June to Monday 8 August.

We will then read and analyse all the answer and comments and write a 'You said, we did' report to show the changes made to the draft statement in response to the consultation.

We aim for the final version of the statement to go the Park Strategy and Vision commitee on 26 October, and they decide if the new statement will be adopted.

What are the timetables for community consultation?

The Local Development Scheme is the Authority’s three-year project plan that identifies which local development documents will be produced, in what order, and when.

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