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How to apply

What you need to do

1. A completed application form

The best way is online, using the Planning Portal. There's advice on types of application below. You can apply by post if you don't have online access.

2. National information requirements

National Planning Practice Guidance says applications need to include plans and drawings, Ownership Certificate and Agricultural Land Declaration. Some cases may need a Design and Access Statement. Our planning guides explain more.

3. The correct application fee

You can calculate the fees and pay online on the National Planning Portal.

4. Local information requirements

Our application guides tell you what you need to send in.

Once we receive your application, we'll check it and be in touch.

Types of Application

Householder Planning Permission

If you want to extend your home or alter it in some way that requires permission, please read:

Tip: If you are planning to alter a listed building, please use the Listed Building Householder Checklist and Form.

Full Planning Permission

Use these forms if you need approval for some form of building or engineering works, or a change of use of land or buildings.

Listed Building and Relevant Demolition in a Conservation Area

You may require consent for works to Listed Buildings or planning permission to demolish structures in Conservation Areas.

Advertisement Consent Application

For when you want to display adverts on land or buildings.

Outline Planning Permission

This can be used for the approval of a development in principle. More information is then submitted later in a separate application known as a Reserved Matters application.

Reserved Matters Applications

These applications include the outstanding information from an Outline Application or the submission of further information to comply with a condition of a previous permission.

Lawful Development Certificate

Lawful Development Certificates establish that an existing or proposed development or use is lawful, or that works would not affect the character of a listed building as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

Prior Notification (Notice of Intention) Applications

Certain Permitted Developments may require our prior approval, including agricultural buildings, telecommunications development and some demolition works.

Section 73 application to develop land without compliance with conditions previously attached form (also used for minor material amendments)

Use this application form if you wish to apply to develop land without compliance with conditions previously attached to a planning permission. You should also use this form if you want to apply for minor material amendments to a planning permission.

Non-material Amendments to an Extant (Existing) Planning Permission

Please use the form linked to below if you wish to apply to make a non-material amendment on a previously approved and extant planning permission.

Modification or Discharge of a Section 106 Planning Obligation

If you need to make an application to modify or discharge a planning obligation made under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, please use this form:

Saving applications electronically

The Planning Portal forms linked to above can't be saved electronically once filled in. This is because the Portal have locked them so questions and format can't be altered. However although these PDF forms cannot be electronically submitted, the Planning Portal offers a complete online submission process where you can submit application forms, supporting documents and, in most cases, pay electronically.

To do this, you will need to register and log in.  Users are asked to register so the Portal can create an account for them to store all their created applications.


Planning application fees are set at the national level, the Planning Portal's online calculator will help you work out your fees. We do not have any discretion to change them.