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Planning policies

Most new buildings and changes to existing buildings and the local environment require planning permission. Take a look at Do I need planning permission?

We determine planning applications against our Development Plan, which contains key planning policy documents.

Local Plan

Our local plan was adopted in May 2021.

Neighbourhood Plans

The Local Plan sets out the policies necessary to address the strategic priorities within the Lake District. These do not extend to detailed matters which are more appropriately dealt with through neighbourhood plans.

The neighbourhood plans are considered to be in general conformity with the strategic policies contained in the Lake District National Park Local Plan 2020-2035.

Housing Supplementary Planning Document Consultation

Consultation on the revised Housing Supplementary Planning Document is now open and will close on the 17th July.

Representations should be made online through the survey. If this is not possible representations can be sent to

The draft Housing Supplementary Planning Document is available to view online. A hard copy of the Housing Supplementary Planning Document is also available at reception at Wayfaring House, Murley Moss Business Park, Oxenholme Road, Kendal, LA9 7RL.

Introduction to the proposed changes

Local Plan Policy 15: Housing includes details on local connection criteria, how eligibility is restricted to a geography (Locality) and how planning controls work. Policy 15 is applied to all applications for new dwellings.

Much of the detail in this revised Supplementary Planning Document is the same as previous versions; the focus of this consultation is on the following proposed change:

  • Amending the ‘Locality’ to refer to Housing Market Area instead of Distinctive Area
Amending the ‘Locality’

Our starting point will always be to restrict occupancy to a specified geography referred to as a ‘Locality’. These ‘Localities’ are defined in the SPD and were originally based on the Distinctive Areas established in the Local Plan. Since the Local Plan was adopted in May 2021, two new strategic housing assessments have been produced – Allerdale Housing Needs Survey and South Lakeland Strategic Housing and Economic Needs Assessment.

These identify the area of the Lake District within the Borough/District area as an individual housing market area, acknowledging the unique nature of the housing market in these areas as being different to the wider area. The information and therefore evidence is presented in a format to reflect this fact. This does not align neatly with our Distinctive Areas, specifically in the South and Central and Southeast Distinctive Area. This can be easily addressed by changing the reference to ‘Housing Market Areas’ rather than ‘Distinctive Areas’ and using the evidence accordingly.

Other policies we use

The Government advises that extended policies should be read in context. In cases where policies were adopted some time ago, other factors may be taken into account in making planning decisions.

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Policies on house building

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Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood plans help local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work.

Find out how to produce a neighbourhood plan, which parishes have plans and how we can support you.

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Community involvement

We want communities to get involved in planning policy. Find out how to get involved and see our timeline for producing planning policies

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Evidence and monitoring

Our  infrastructure deliver plan

Annual Monitoring Reports and other monitoring to see how policies are progressing

Cumbria Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Final report (pdf)

Local aggregate assessments

Strategic Flood Risk Assessments:

Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Guidance Document 2018

Cumbria Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for Lake District National Park Authority Technical Report 2018

Functional Floodplain Update for LDNP 2018