Ian Wharton

Ian Wharton


Roburn Cottage
2 High Street
Penny Bridge
LA12 7RN

Telephone Number: 07778430926

E-Mail Address: IanWharton@lakedistrict.gov.uk

Appointed by: South Lakeland District Council

Until: 1 April 2023

First Appointed to the Authority: May 2019

Current Committee Membership: Park Strategy and Vision Committee, Governance Committee, Rights of Way Committee, Resources Committee

Position held: Chairman of the Rights of Way Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Resources Committee

Register of Member's Interests as of 25 June 2019 (pdf)

Find out a little bit about Ian:

What was your first car?

My first car that worked or my first car? *laughs* The first car I had was a Mini which we kept rallying and breaking it, then fixing it. It was a 1275 GT Mini! The first one I passed my test in was a VW Golf.

What was your first music record?

I got four at the same time when I was on holiday. They were Black Sabbath Volume 4, Cat Stephens Tea for the Tillerman, Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits and Slade. *laughs*

What’s your favourite Lake District view?

My father always used to say, what I love about the Lakes is you get a different view every corner. I think it’s where you are. One I love is going up to Coniston coming out from the south just going past Brown Howe and you see the first view of the Coniston Old Man.

What’s your favourite walk in the Lakes?

Good question, hmmmm. All of them. *laughs* I’d say probably going up Coniston Old Man if I had to choose one. It’s the boundary of the three counties of Cumbria, it’s representative of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire. Psychologically you can see all the bits of Cumbria from up there.

What’s your favourite season in the lakes?

I think its late autumn, primarily because you can never quite appreciate the colours. I spend a lot of time overseas, and you just don’t get the same colours that we get in the Lakes. Places like the Rusland Valley with the golden copper colours are just fantastic.

If you were an animal what would you be?

Hmmm. It’s quite funny that I spend a lot of time in Africa and I always identify with a leopard. One because it’s a communal animal but it’s also quite independent, also they are very very controlled in their own environment.

Any other interests/ committees?

With the National Park it fits in with a lot of the stuff I do. I love the area, and the passion about the area. The reason we are a community is because we all love working together, people care about each other and the landscape. I’ve been on various fell race and show committees. I work with a lot of local companies to help with their business plans and things like that.

What’s your favourite sport?

Mountain biking. But not at the moment because I have back problems *laughs*.