Michael Carter

Michael Carter - Deputy Chair


Spring Cottage
Skelwith Bridge
LA22 9NW

Telephone Number: 015394 32166

E-Mail Address: MichaelCarter@lakedistrict.gov.uk

Appointed by: Secretary of State (National)

Until: 30 June 2025

First Appointed to the Authority: 12 September 2017

Current Committee Membership: Executive Performance Committee, Park Strategy and Vision Committee, Resources Committee, Governance Committee

Position held: Authority Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Park Strategy and Vision Committee

Register of Member's Interests as of 22 March 2023 (pdf)

Find out a little bit about Michael:

What was your first car?

My first car was a Peugeot 403, which is the most beautiful car in the world and I really regret leaving it behind in Africa.

What was your first music record?

My first music record was The Enigma Variations by Elgar.

What’s your favourite Lake District view?

Well, my favourite Lake District mountain is Wetherlam. And so my favourite view is anything to do with Wetherlam, particularly if you come from Ambleside towards Skelwith, there’s a point in the road where suddenly there’s Wetherlam, it’s a wonderful sight.

What’s your favourite walk in the Lakes?

Wetherlam. *laughs*

What’s your favourite season in the lakes?

My favourite season is definitely the winter, as long as it’s not ruined by global warming, especially when it’s cold, cold, cold and crisp.

If you were an animal what would you be?

Well, I keep bees, so I’d like to be a bee. Not a queen bee and definitely not a drone, I’d probably like to be a worker. Why? Well bees are amazingly well organised, and they live in this extraordinary community where everyone knows what their role is, and they work cooperatively in the interests of the entire colony. If humans were more like bees we would be in good shape.

Any other interests/ committees?

I’m interested in sheltered housing and I’m involved with that. I’m also interested in anything to do with woodwork.

What’s your favourite sport?

My personal favourite sport is fell walking, I hope that’s called a sport, it is for me.