The Orrest Head Compass small

The Orrest Head Compass

The Orrest Head Compass now crowns the summit. This bespoke seating was crafted by local artist blacksmith, Chris Brammall of CB Arts Ltd.

The benches radiate from the central directional marker and are set to the correct compass bearing. Each of the bench slats are set at 1 degree increments with every 5 and 10 degrees being defined by a slightly longer slat and highlighted in a patinated finish.

As you sit and enjoy the panoramic view, you can take a bearing of the surrounding fells. Look out for the grid references of some of the landmarks stamped on the seating. Can you work out what they are?

The central directional marker points out North (0 or 360 degrees), East (90 degrees), South (180 degrees) and West (270 degrees). Stand next to the central marker and look towards your chosen landmark, note the bench slat that lines up with this. Find the bench slat which lines up with the closest  direction marker then count up or down from this to work out the degree bearing of your landmark. Some of the bench slats have their bearing stamped on them.

You can also use your own compass to take a bearing.

How to take a compass bearing

This project has been part-funded by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas