Coniston Parish

Coniston Parish is one of the Government's 'frontrunners' or pilot parishes, established in 2011 and tasked with preparing a neighbourhood plan. The designated area covers the whole parish. The proposed neighbourhood plan area was formally approved by the Authority on 26 February 2014. A working group has been established to prepare a neighbourhood plan. The pre-submission consultation on the draft neighbourhood plan took place for ten weeks ending on 30 November 2013. The neighbourhood plan proposal was submitted to the Authority on 25 March 2015. Representations on the proposal are welcome and must be submitted by 11 May 2015. Details on how to do this are available in the attachment named 'Regulations 16 notification' below.

If you have any queries about the Coniston Neighbourhood Plan, please contact the Coniston Parish Council clerk on

Following comments received from Natural England and the Environment Agency on the Pre-Submission Coniston Neighbourhood Development Plan, the Authority has determined that a full Strategic Environmental Assessment is not required.

Submission Documents

What is new?

On 08 September 2015, the Park Strategy and Vision Committee agreed the Authority’s response to the Examiner’s Report.


South Lakeland District Council have published the Statement of Information (and associated documentation) on the South Lakeland District Council website along with the Notice of Referendum.


The Lake District National Park Authority, on 24 February 2016, agreed to make legal the Coniston Neighbourhood Development Plan. It now forms part of the Development Plan for the Lake District National Park.