Site area (hectares): 0.47

Use: Housing

Site requirements:

  • A Heritage, Design and Access Statement and a World Heritage Site Checklist.
  • The access must, as far as practicable, apply the principles of adoptable highways standards and the number of dwellings should proportionately reflect any limitations in achieving this.
  • Extended Phase 1 Habitats Survey to establish potential ecological constraints to development. This survey will inform the requirement or otherwise for further surveys.
  • The site layout will need to reflect the need to maintain the root protection area for the existing trees within the site and on neighbouring land.
  • Planting appropriate native species trees, hedgerows and the creation of new drystone walls appropriate to the location has the potential over the long term to enhance ecological connectivity with surrounding habitats. This will benefit bats and other species.
  • Presence of the sewerage network which runs through the site. Consideration needs to be given to this in the design of any scheme.
  • Surface water drainage strategy is required which demonstrates that development incorporates SUDS.