Site area (hectares): 4.38

Use: Mixed – housing, tourism, and employment

Site requirements:

  • Heritage Impact Assessment to assess the impact on World Heritage Site designation and heritage assets. In addition a Heritage, Design and Access Statement and a World Heritage Site Checklist would be required.
  • An extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey should be undertaken to establish potential ecological constraints to development. This survey will inform the requirement for further surveys, for example for bats.
  • Transport Assessment and Travel Plan required. A pedestrian and, or cycle path is required to link this site to Bootle and Bootle Station in order to ensure safe access, and to overcome accessibility concerns.
  • Swimming pool will be replaced by a new pool or at an agreed off-site location.
  • Junction improvements will be required to ensure safe vehicular access to the site.
  • A Phase 1 Contaminated Land Assessment is required to clarify the likelihood and possible nature of any contamination.
  • Retaining mature trees, planting trees and hedgerows and retaining and creating new drystone walls where possible have the potential over the long term to enhance ecological connectivity with surrounding habitats.
  • Provision of publically accessible local green space and play facilities due to its location in relation to existing provision.
  • Sewerage capacity issues need to be investigated at the time of an application.
  • Flood risk assessment required as site is over 1 hectare.
  • Surface water drainage strategy required which incorporates SUDS.
  • Ensure site infrastructure delivers broadband of at least 30Mbs. This includes providing fibre broadband within the site to ensure connection to ‘Fibre to the Premises’ (‘full fibre’) when it becomes available.