Site area (hectares): 1.01

Use: Employment

Site requirements:

  • A Heritage, Design and Access Statement and a World Heritage Site Checklist.
  • The scale, design, and layout of development will be key considerations particularly with reference to neighbouring residential properties and the historic pattern and scale of Coniston.
  • Development should be contained to the lower parts of the site in order to retain a sense of openness when viewed from the highway.
  • Transport Assessment and Travel Plan will be required.
  • Improved access arrangement that provides safe access and egress. Link to the footpath on the southern boundary should be provided.
  • Provision of off-street parking to support the level of proposed development in accordance with the Cumbria Design Guide.
  • Only Class E (g) uses will be supported on this site.
  • Flood risk assessment required as site is over 1 hectare.
  • Surface water drainage strategy is required which demonstrates that development incorporates SUDS.
  • Landscaping scheme required to accompany a planning application.