Site area (hectares): 0.51

Use: Mixed - employment and retail (including café/restaurant)

Site requirements:

  • A Heritage, Design and Access Statement and a World Heritage Site Checklist.
  • A desktop study identifying the likelihood of contamination on the site. Further site investigation may be required depending on the outcome.
  • Careful consideration of the mix of uses, and layout.
  • Design to avoid vulnerable uses within flood risk area.
  • Transport Statement and parking strategy which demonstrates on-road parking does not compromise the acceptable visibility splays.
  • Provision of a safe and suitable access arrangement with acceptable visibility splays taking into account on-road parking issues.
  • Sympathetic conversion that retains the character, form, and original purpose
  • Tree survey and tree constraints plan required.
  • Bat survey required.
  • Surface water drainage strategy required which considers mill stream on site.
  • Flood risk assessment required as proposal would constitute a change of use to a more vulnerable use class where they could be affected by sources of flooding other than rivers and the sea (for example surface water drains, reservoirs).
  • Ensure no obstruction to the public footpath or agree a diversion route for the path.