Site area (hectares): 3.13

Use: Employment

Site requirements:

  • A Heritage, Design and Access Statement and a World Heritage Site Checklist.
  • The scale, mass, design, and layout of development will be key considerations particularly with reference to the residential properties of Two Mile Hill and wider landscape impacts. Sympathetic design, scale and layout is required.
  • Careful consideration will be needed to the layout of the development at its south western corner, closest to neighbouring residents to mitigate adverse visual effects. Effects could be reduced by leaving this part of the site undeveloped, or by including it as part of a natural tree screen.
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment required.
  • Site is part of a large former parkland landscape which transitions into surrounding pastoral landscape. As such the design and layout of the development should focus on high quality design that allows it be assimilated in the landscape.
  • A comprehensive landscaping scheme is needed which includes extensive advanced planting of mixed deciduous/coniferous trees (including more mature trees) and open space. A strong boundary is needed to the north and west of the site and include features such as hedges, stone walls, woodland and shelter belt planting.
  • A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan will be required to demonstrate how proposals can integrate with sustainable travel.
  • Tree constraints plan required.
  • Bat survey required if works to the roofs of buildings on site are proposed.
  • Extended Phase 1 habitat survey required.
  • Flood risk assessment required as site is over 1 hectare.
  • Surface water drainage strategy incorporating the use of SUDS.
  • Seek to retain public rights of way however if a diversion is required, a Section 257 application will be required to be submitted to Cumbria County Council at the same time as the planning application.
  • A safe and suitable access needs to be demonstrated with a planning application.
  • Ensure site infrastructure delivers broadband of at least 30Mbs for employment uses. This includes providing fibre broadband within the site to ensure connection to ‘Fibre to the Premises’ (‘full fibre’) when it becomes available.