A wooden rowing boat on a lake shore

Access to water

Access to lakes, rivers and the coast

We have 16 major lakes and reservoirs, along with a host of tarns, 26 miles of coastline and many rivers and streams which feed into them. Whether people simply enjoy strolling along a lakeshore, fish, canoe or sail, we want to make their experiences better.

What have we done?

During winter and spring 2009 we researched how people use the Lake District's water resources. This included a literature review; on-street surveys with over 900 people; focus groups with the five key user groups and a written consultation with organisations who use the water resources around us. We also asked people what their needs are when accessing water and how this can be improved. This research has helped us identify what our aims when looking at water related access and recreation should be.

Lakes Rivers and Coast Final Report

The future

Following this research we asked people what projects and suggestions they think can help us to improve the water-related access and recreation on offer in the Lake District. From feedback and the findings of the research we have developed a strategy for how we think we can improve access to lakes rivers and the coast, and an action plan for what we want to achieve.

For more information please read Access to Lakes, Rivers and Coast Strategy and Action Plan (Word document)

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