Rights of Way Recovery Work


For both bridges and paths we are putting together estimates of costs for all the repairs, and these are due to be submitted to central government by the end of January. Where possible these will include measures to build in resilience against future flood events. For example a new bridge may be designed to be stronger, higher, wider, single spanned, or a combination of these.

Until we have confirmation of funding for this recovery work we are only able to carry out repairs that have little or no material costs – such as washed out paths where we can ‘re-claim’ the eroded material and resurface with it.

We are also starting to prioritise repairs, ready for when we receive news of funding. We are doing this to take account of a variety of factors including impact on the community, impact on the economy, and importance of the route.

If you are aware of any other damage to Rights of Way that is not already shown on the map, please email Cath Johnson, Area Ranger at catherine.johnson@lakedistrict.gov.uk.