Ullswater Way work continues!

The Ullswater Way has been a phenomenal triumph since its official launch in April 2016. The local community, landowners, businesses, partner organisations and volunteers have all been instrumental in its creation and its continuing success. The 20 mile route is now enhanced with an inspirational Heritage Trail, a series of installations from local artists and craftspeople, which celebrates an aspect of the Valley’s heritage.

Recently people counters have been installed at 2 sites on either side of the lake to monitor footfall and provide evidence of its continuing success.  Volunteers have been regularly downloading the data from the counters and during August over 11,000 people were estimated to have passed the sensor at Sandwick.

The Ullswater Way continues to exceed everyone’s expectations and one of the greatest challenges is to ensure that the high standard of the route is maintained. Volunteers regularly patrol the route to report any maintenance works that are required and in 2017 our Tourist Information Centre along with other local businesses and hotels are selling Ullswater Way pin badges with donations raised going to the Ullswater Way Maintenance Fund. For more information on the Ullswater Way visit  www.ullswater.com and  www.ullswaterway.co.uk.