The Ullswater Valley Plan – What happened!?

The Ullswater Valley Plan was a pilot project set up to identify opportunities and ambitions of a local community within a Lake District Valley. The Ullswater Valley was chosen, and over 6 months through consultation and workshops with local people the Ullswater Valley Plan was produced in 2014.

The Plan has led to a number of projects being developed and pursued:

Prosperous Economy:

  • The Ullswater Association produced a Marketing Strategy for the Ullswater Valley and redeveloped the Ullswater Association website, supported by the Lake District Communities Fund. The new website provides comprehensive information to support visitors to the local area.  
  • ‘See More Cumbria and the Lake District’ – a Department of Transport funded project helped to support the development of an open top bus service on the 508 route, as well as Twizy hire at a number of visitor attractions in the valley, and additional funding helped to research coach parking feasibility in the Pooley Bridge area.

Vibrant Communities:

  • The Ullswater Way – identified within Ullswater Valley Plan and launched in 2016 and included the development of a 20 mile walking route around the Ullswater Valley including improving furniture, surfacing, the creation of 2.5km of new public footpath and marketing and promoting the route. The route provides a sustainable visitor attraction in the local area which visitors and locals can enjoy.  
  • Friends of the Ullswater Way – developed following on from the Ullswater Way. a local group of residents have produced an amazing development of cultural art installations to celebrate local heritage and culture. The LDNP Communities Fund have supported a number of the installations.  
  • Youth Projects – following an initial project working with Outward Bound in 2014 The LDNP have supported a number of projects in the Valley including a Glenridding Sailing youth club during Summer 2015; supporting Penrith Canoe Club to re-locate during the summer months to Ullswater Sailing Club, and funding ‘Have a Go’ sessions for children from 5 local primary schools to take part in outdoor activities with local providers during September 2017.


  • There was an aspiration to restore views of Ullswater from key locations around the lake itself. Two small areas of woodland have been cleared near Pooley Bridge end of the Lake, alongside larger areas of tree felling by the National Trust along the side of the lake beneath Gowbarrow.

The Ullswater Valley Plan continues to provide evidence and support for projects within the Ullswater area. For more information about the project see: