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Management Plan 2015-2020

The Partnership's Plan 2015 - 2020

This is an archive of the Lake District National Park Partnership's 2015-2020 Plan to manage the Lake District. This Plan sets out how the partners work together to proactively and effectively manage the Lake District as a National Park and as a prospective World Heritage Site.

The plan:

  • Introduces the Lake District, explaining its Outstanding Universal Value, and Special Qualities
  • Describes the Lake District’s shared Vision
  • Considers the risks and issues, and management and protection of the Lake District
  • Outlines the strategies we will use to inform decisions about the Lake District
  • Describes the actions to deliver the Lake District’s Vision
  • Outlines the targets to monitor progress of what we are seeking to achieve

Due to the size of the document it has been split into sections, which are listed below:

Or to view as one document you can access it via a dropbox link here. Please note this is a 50MB file and may not download on all machines.

The Partnership's Plan 2015-2020 (link to Dropbox)

A Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement has been completed and is available to view.  This fulfils the Environmental Assessment of Plan and Programmes Regulations 2004 and Sustainability Appraisal guidance.


Our approach to delivering the Vision and managing the Lake District is to identify the issues, risks and threats to the Special Qualities and Outstanding Universal Value, and establish the appropriate strategic response to address or mitigate these. Likewise, we have identified a range of wider issues and opportunities that will have a bearing upon our ability to deliver the desired outcomes for each of the four Vision themes

This plan establishes our strategy to act upon these. There are 34 strategies, and each assists directly or indirectly to sustain the Lake District’s Special Qualities as a National Park, and those specific attributes of Outstanding Universal Value which justify World Heritage Site status.

Breakthrough actions

Implementation of the Plan is guided primarily through a set of Breakthrough Actions. These set out the detail of what the Partnership intends to focus its collective attention and resources on over the life of this Plan to deliver the strategies . The Breakthrough Actions that we have identified represent where a step-change in delivery towards the Vision and the protection and conservation of the Special Qualities and attributes of Outstanding Universal Value is needed, above and beyond the wide-ranging work that we are already committed to. They are based on our awareness of where there are opportunities to more effectively deliver strategies by working together and capitalising upon the value that can often be added by working in partnership. We keep Breakthrough Actions under review to ensure we are focusing our collective attention on the most significant issues and opportunities to deliver all aspects of this Plan.

Breakthrough Actions also allow the Partnership to focus its attention and resources as effectively as possible. This concept has evolved from the delivery of the 2010 -2015 Plan, where the Partnership recognised the need to focus on a smaller number of priority areas where additional collaboration was necessary to ensure success. This also acknowledges that there is a wide range of existing activity undertaken by partners which contributes to the Vision.

How will progress be monitored?

The Plan is only current at the time it was written. Many factors will affect and influence the accuracy of content, decisions of all the Partners and the actions within it. Monitoring progress on the Plan's delivery is therefore essential.

We will review the Breakthrough Actions in the plan every year. This allows us to adjust priorities and approaches when faced with new factors such as significant changes in financial circumstances. The Partnership's Plan 2015-2020 has a very clear monitoring framework which sets out a timetable for monitoring actions, performance indicators and risks affecting the Partnership's Plan.

The Lake District National Park will lead the review, monitoring and reporting of the Plan working with the Partnership's Plan Sub Group and reports will be posted on this website.

Monitoring reports

These give an update on progress on all the actions in the Partnership Plan. The Partners leading each action provide an update on delivery of the action and assign a status to each action, based on:

  • Complete - we have completed the action within the timescale
  • Green - we are likely to complete the action as things are going according to schedule
  • Amber - we may have problems completing the action within the timescale
  • Red - we are very unlikely to complete the action within the timescale

Completion dates for actions can be altered if unforeseen problems arise. These are captured in the monitoring reports.

For the monitoring reports for previous iterations of the Partnership's Plan, please email

What else will be done?

The risks to delivering the Plan need to be understood and managed. The Partnership's Plan sub group will regularly consider how the risks are managed as part of the monitoring and review process.

Each June the Partnership will receive an update on all monitoring activity, including actions, data for performance indicators and updates on risks to delivery. This will provide the context for the Partnership Plan sub group to lead the annual review of the Partnership Plan, in particular the actions. This review of the Partnership's Plan will help us address issues that arise, whilst remaining on course towards achieving our Vision.

An updated version of the Partnership's Plan Breakthrough Actions will be published each year, as well as: