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Local action and delivery

We appreciate that many of the actions for addressing the key challenges will need to be tackled locally - these could be in individual valleys, towns or villages, transport routes, catchments or other local areas. This is also a critical element of the delivery of national policy.

Local action and delivery - freedom in a framework

We recognise that to deliver this Partnership Plan people living and, or working within a community have a passion for improving local areas and are often best placed to understand what needs to happen, and to facilitate local action. We believe that through local initiatives which involve engagement with individuals, groups and organisations good progress could be made on addressing the key challenges set out in this Plan.

They could be led by communities, Partners, or other groups or organisations. Through this Plan and the Partnership we want to support this to happen.

The support from Partners could include:

  • Sharing data, knowledge, skills.
  • Sponsorship – to provide a link into the Partners.
  • Support with funding opportunities and applications, governance or to navigate regulatory processes.
  • Sharing learning, good practice and connect communities with similar objectives locally and nationally to help achieve success.

Innovation and resources are key to being able to do this. Options are being explored for this at present, alongside considering how to increase the engagement of new audiences with the Lake District and cultural and natural heritage.

We don’t want to say what local action should cover, when they should be done or include. We want to ensure flexibility within a framework so they can be used where they are needed, led by whoever needs to lead them, and be responsive to a specific challenge, funding opportunity, or collective ambition to delivery.

A number of communities and local organisations have begun to identify and establish local projects to deliver actions which will contribute to the achievement of the five key outcomes. If you have an idea or opportunity please get in touch via to see how the Partnership may be able to provide support.

Examples of local action and delivery:

  • Catchment, valley, or area initiatives for farming, nature and climate.
  • Green investments in nature recovery.
  • Initiatives to consider local opportunities to attract and retain young people.
  • Local sustainable transport or low carbon plans.
  • Local business initiatives to create green jobs, increase local resilience, promote Lake District skills and products.