A white washed farm with sheep in a wooden valley with high fells behind

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Grant funding for farmers

Farmers in the Lake District National Park will be able to benefit from a new national grants programme from 1 July, with more than £1 million available locally this year. Applications for the first year of funding should be made between 1 July 2021 and 31 January 2022, and grant funding decisions will be made on a monthly basis.

The new programme will look at funding Lake District projects under one or more of these four headings:


Includes projects that help address climate change like re-wiggling a straightened watercourse, for the biodiversity and natural flood management benefits this can bring, or assisting a farm to take actions to reduce carbon emissions.


Includes work that supports nature-friendly sustainable farms, allowing natural processes to develop across an area of land, or wetland creation to support a variety of wildlife.


Includes projects that provide opportunities for people to engage with the landscape. This could be working with new audiences to help them experience the Lake District, or being able to offer farm walks to help give people a greater insight into farming. Or it could be improving parking facilities, or replacing stiles with gates to make routes more accessible for locals and visitors.


Includes work that supports cultural heritage, this could be conserving historic features on a farm or repairing dry stone walls. Or, supporting a locally-branded food initiative which promotes the links between the product and the landscape in which it is produced.

How to apply for funding

  1. Check that your farm is within the Lake District National Park boundary
  2. Fill in our Farming in Protected Landscapes enquiry form with brief details of your ideas or questions about projects you want to apply for.
  3. Our farming officer will contact you to discuss your ideas and help you complete a full grant application. We will help give your application the best chance of sucess.
  4. Your full application will go to the assessment board's monthly meeting and they will decide which applications are approved for funding.

Fill in our enquiry form

The Agricultural Transition Period 2020-2027

The Lake District National Park is running a series of farming events to help Lake District farmers get advice on a range of issues and opportunities that may affect them over the next few years. These events will focus specifically on the situation, regulations and visitor economy in the Lake District and are open to all landowners within the National Park. We will be running events on the new Forestry and Farming in Protected Landscapes funding grants over the next few months and will advertise the dates here.

Farming advice pages:

The Lake District National Park aims to;

  • Help farmers preserve the attributes of the World Heritage Site by working with farmers to maintain the tradition of agro-pastoral upland farming.
  • Enhance the special qualities of the Lake District National park by working with farmers, landowners and key partners to secure good environmental management and enable nature recovery in the park.
  • Assist farmers in the Lake District in securing the future of their businesses through the agricultural transition by running the Farming in Protected Landscapes Scheme.
  • Working with farmers to enable solutions to the key challenges of climate change, nature recovery and the future of farming and forestry in the Lake District.
Farming Officer

Meet our Farming Officer

Andrea Meanwell works with the farming community across the Lake District National Park, to help farmers learn from and support each other.

Contact Andrea: