Statement on proposed development at Elterwater

A spokesperson for the Lake District National Park Authority said:

“We are aware of the proposal for a tourism development at Elterwater Quarry. We have provided the applicant with initial comments and a scoping opinion setting out what information should be included in an Environmental Statement. We have not received a planning application.  If we do, it will be considered in due course.”

Further information:

The Applicant submitted an ‘EIA Scoping Request Report for Elterwater Quarry – Tourism Proposal’ document. The LDNPA has provided a Scoping Opinion. The purpose of a Scoping Opinion is to establish in writing a Local Planning Authority’s view as to the information that will need to be included in an Environmental Statement (ES) to accompany any forthcoming planning application. When a scoping request is submitted the law requires the local planning authority adopt a scoping opinion within set timescales. If it fails to do so the law gives the prospective developer recourse to the Secretary of State.

Updates will be posted on the Planning section