Elterwater quarry

Page updated 21 June 2022

A possible tourism development at Elterwater Quarry has recently received press and social media interest. We are the planning authority for this area, and if a planning application is submitted it will go through our planning application process. No planning application has been submitted to us to date.

No planning application has been submitted, a scoping opinion has been submitted

A planning application has not been submitted to us.

We have received an ‘EIA Scoping Request Report for Elterwater Quarry – Tourism Proposal’ document. When a scoping request is submitted the law requires that we adopt a scoping opinion within set timescales. If we fail to do so the law gives the prospective developer recourse to the Secretary of State. We issued a scoping opinion and planning advice on 4 April 2022.

The purpose of a Scoping Opinion is to establish in writing a Local Planning Authority’s view as to the information that will need to be included in an Environmental Statement (ES) to accompany a planning application if one is submitted.

The public can support or object to the proposal only when a planning application is made

If we receive a planning application, there will be an opportunity for the public to make representations about whatever scheme is proposed.

Because no application has been submitted there is no opportunity to comment at this time.

Representations made before a planning application is received will be deleted because we do not have a proposal before us for consideration.

A planning application will be publicised

The law sets out how planning applications must be publicised. This is by press and site notice. We also have all applications available on our  planning application search. Because no application has been submitted, we have no information to display at the moment.

By law we must consider and process all planning applications

The law entitles any prospective developer to apply for planning permission for any development they wish. We must consider and assess all planning applications we receive in accordance with due process.

The law sets out that planning applications must be determined in accordance with our policies (known as the development plan) unless material considerations indicate otherwise. Material considerations are things that are capable of being relevant to the planning application, for example access, activity or visual effects.