Report a byelaw infringement

If you witness a byelaw infrigemnet you can report it to our Lake Ranger team immediately by calling 07768 320241 or emailing us at

Incident to report
EG: for example: speeding above the 6knph or 10knph, navigating without due care and attention.
Date and time *
A grid reference, What3Words location, or description of where on the lake it was near to, EG 400metres north of Bark Barn Jetty, or centre of lake opposite Beech Hill Hotel or ///etchings.dashes.clusters
A description of the boat – make, model, colour and the type, EG: sailing boat or a motor boat.
Number and description of the people aboard, for example; two middle aged males.
In order to assist the Lake Ranger team with byelaw enforcement please try to:
A. Video the incident side on for as long as possible, landscape video is far more useful that portrait.
B. Video the vessel passing fixed points on the shoreline, for example: buildings, boat houses, jetties or other fixed landmarks.
C. Try to record from a stationary position and avoid walking or running whilst recording
If you have files on Dropbox, OneDrive, Googledrive or other location, please put the full location url in the box below. Or you can upload upto 10 files below, each file must be no more than 20MB file size.
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