Alien species Australian swamp stonecrop copyright LDNPA

Helping our wildlife

Ditch the hitchers

Freshwater plants and animals are threatening the Lake District’s wildlife. Floating pennywort, Australian swamp stonecrop, American signal crayfish and the killer shrimp are just a few of the species that will have devastating effects on our waters.

Why are invasive non-native species such a problem?

  • They are tough invaders, which can out-compete our native species
  • They grow rapidly and can often dominate a river, tarn or lake
  • Once established they are often very costly and complicated to kill or to control
  • They spread so easily you may not even know one is ‘hitchhiking’ on your kit!

Help native wildlife

Invasive non-native species of wildlife can hitchhike on equipment, footwear, clothing and boats. You may inadvertently spread the aliens even if you just go for a paddle! Every time you leave any water such as a river, tarn or lake:

Check - Clean - Dry

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  • Check equipment/clothing for living organisms
  • Pay attention to damp hard to inspect areas
  • Clean and wash all equipment, footwear and clothes thoroughly
  • If you find organisms leave them at the water body or a hard surface to die out
  • Dry all equipment and clothing
  • Some species can live for many days in damp conditions

Check, Clean, Dry: guide for water users (Non Native Species website)