Coniston byelaw exemption application

Organisation details
Event details
Please include dates, timings, speeds and purpose of event.
How it will achieve one or more of the outcomes including: a prosperous economy; world class visitor experiences; vibrant communities and a spectacular landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage?
Please confirm the details of insurance cover you have for your event, and any risk assessments you have undertaken. Documents can be uploaded at the bottom of this form.
Please include details of any environmental impact assessments you have undertaken and how you will reduce the spread of invasive species.
Coniston Water has a public right of navigation which must be taken into account when planning any activity or event.
You can upload documents at the end of this form.
If you have supporting documents, maps or photographs please provide a link to a location we can access them (eg Dropbox or GoogleDrive) or upload them below. Each file must be no more than 20MB.