Coniston Water Byelaw changes

There have been changes to the Coniston Byelaws that affect what you can and can't do on the water.

The Coniston Water Byelaw regulatory assesment sets out the reasons the changes were proposed, describes what the changes are and the impact they have.

The consultation reponses (pdf) show the reponses from a number of organisations that responded to the consultation.

The Statement of the Regulatory Assessement is a statement by the Lake District National Park Authority, outlining amendments made to the proposed new byelaws based on feedback from the consultation, and a recommendation that the new byelaws are accepted.

The Coniston Water Byelaws 2020, shows the full new byelaws.

What's happened so far:

25 October until 11 December 2019: Consult key stakeholders of proposed changes to the Coniston Water byelaws.

January 2020: Review consultation and prepare recommendation for Authority Committee.

19 February 2020: Papers presented at Authority meeting

March 2020: Submit the proposed new Coniston Water byelaws to the Secretary of State for approval.

September - October 2020: Feedback from the Secretary of State is advertised and the draft byelaws are consulted on (minimum of 28 days).

November / December 2020: The byelaws are approved at the Authority meeting.

16 December 2020: Byelaws are made, signed and dated.

16 January 2021: The new byelaws come into force 30 days after the sealing date, and are publicised at least 7 days prior to this date.