Planning permissions with occupancy restrictions webmap

Some houses have planning restrictions on how they can be occupied. Some restrictions prevent holiday use. Other restrictions allow occupation only by people meeting certain criteria, or require that properties are affordable.

The map below shows permissions granted subject to conditions restricting occupancy. Restrictions will vary between permissions. The specific controls can be viewed by selecting the relevant permission. Planning obligations (S106 and S52) are not shown.

If you have concerns that a property is being occupied in breach of an occupancy restriction, please email with the following information

  • The address of the site (with a location plan if possible)
  • The nature of the alleged breach, when it occurred and whether it is continuing
  • The name of the owner or person undertaking the activity (if possible)

You can use our Compliance Concern Form DOCX, 9.7 KB

Use of a property in breach of an occupancy restriction is liable to formal enforcement action.

Important information about this map

This map is provided as guidance only.

The map shows the boundary of planning permissions which were subject to conditions relating to occupancy.  A property may be within the boundary of a planning permission but conditions may not apply to it - for example if a new house was permitted within the grounds of a historic house, normally only the new dwelling would be restricted. Restrictions on properties can change over time following further applications.  Not all planning permissions granted will have been implemented. Also occupancy restrictions in place may not require local occupancy, for example they could require holiday letting use only, or some other type of occupation.

It is essential to view the relevant decision notices to understand the precise restrictions in place.

Occupancy restrictions can be imposed by means other than a planning condition, for example a legal agreement (Section 106 or S52), private covenants, or occupancy restrictions imposed under the Housing Act. These are not shown.

This map does not represent the definitive planning register. If you require a definitive planning history, for example because you are purchasing a property, you should request a planning history search by emailing