Development Control Committee 7 December 2011

There will be a meeting of the Development Control Committee in the Boardroom, National Park Office, Murley Moss, Kendal on 7 December 2011 at 10.00 am.

Members of the committee:

Ms J H Cooke (Chair), Mr W Barr, Mr C Billinge, Mr H Branney, Mrs S E Brown, Mr N Clarkson, Mrs D A Hall, Mr J M Hayton, Mr J S Holliday, Mr W Jefferson OBE, Mr M S McKinley, Mrs V J C Rees, Professor J Rowan-Robinson, Mr J G Thompson


Part One

1 Apologies

To receive and record apologies from members of the committee who cannot attend.

2 Minutes

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 2 November 2011. 2011_11_02 Dcc Minutes (pdf)

3 Chair’s Announcements

The Chair to announce the fire safety instructions to all attendees.

4 Declarations of Interest

Members should declare any personal or prejudicial interests. These are described in the Code of Conduct adopted by the Authority on 16 July 2007 and in the Authority Handbook.

Standards for England advises that members should state the nature of any prejudicial interest (defined at paragraph 10 of the Code of Conduct) so it can be recorded in the minutes.

5 Public Participation

There are no public questions, petitions or deputations of a general nature relating to the business of the Committee for this meeting.

Planning Applications

6 Site inspections

The Head of Development Management to advise Committee of forthcoming planning applications where Members may wish to conduct a site inspection prior to making their decision in accordance with the Development Control Committee Site Inspection Protocol:

Tuesday 13 December 2011:

(am) has been set aside for site inspections

(pm) Member Training and Development Session, Brockhole.

7 Planning Applications with Public Speaking

In accordance with the Policy of Public Speaking at Meetings, details of speakers who have given notice of their intention to make presentations to the Committee will be available at the meeting. The schedule of planning applications will be re-ordered and these applications will be considered first.

8 Schedule of Planning Applications

To consider planning applications as set out in the schedule.

9 Delegated Planning Applications

2011_12_07 Delegated Approvals (pdf)

2011_12_07 Delegated Refusals.pdf


10 Appeals lodged

To note the following appeals have been lodged.

Installation of uPVC windows - 2 at the front and 3 at the rear of the property, 2 The Square, Broughton in Furness
Type of Appeal: Listed Building

Proposed extension comprising a sun room, Hideaway Barn, Ruthwaite, Ireby, Wigton
Type of Appeal: Planning

Proposed extension comprising sun room, Hideaway Barn, Ruthwaite, Ireby, Wigton
Type of Appeal: Listed Building

Proposed change of use to a mixed use comprising Class A2 with single flat above where the occupancy of the single flat will not necessarily have any functional or personal association with the use or operation of the A2 use, and otherwise the flat will not be used as anything other than as a dwelling (whether or not as a sole or main residence) including possibly for example as a flat for rent on a secure tenancy, or as a holiday-let, 30A Station Street, Keswick
Type of Appeal: Certificate of Lawful Use (Proposed)

Removal of low level pedestal sitting on forecourt/parking area to enable repairs and erection of raised seating area, Yanway Cottage, 3 Longmire Yeat, Troutbeck, Windermere
Type of Appeal: Planning

Removal of low level pedestal sitting on forecourt/parking area to enable repairs, Yanway Cottage, 3 Longmire Yeat, Troutbeck, Windermere
Type of Appeal: Conservation Area Consent

11 Appeals decided

To note the following appeals have been decided. The Planning Inspector’s decision letters are appended. The Head of Development Management will update Members on any matters of relevance in relation to the appeals.

2011_12_07 Appeal Decision Letters (pdf)

Erection of 2 dwellings - planning permission NW786 has been implemented, Land south of Keldwith, Keldwyth Drive, Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere
DISMISSED: Delegated decision

14 units of affordable housing and associated works, Land at Mill Farm, Newby Bridge
ALLOWED CONDIITONALLY: Committee decision, contrary to officer's recommendation

Costs application, Land at Mill Farm, Newby Bridge

Single storey extension to the side and rear, together with detached garage, Moorlands, Embleton, Cockermouth

Erection of dwelling on land adjacent to 20 Eskin Street, Keswick
ALLOWED CONDITIONALLY: Committee decision, contrary to officer's recommendation

2 directional signs, Land near Herdwick Inn, Penruddock
DISMISSED: Committee decision, in agreement with officer's recommendation

12 Forthcoming Public Hearing Date

To be held on Tuesday 10 January 2012 at 10 am in the Langdale Room at Brockhole, The Lake District Visitor Centre, Windermere, LA23 1LJ.

7/2011/5173: Proposed five additional guest suites, Biomass Boiler, laundry and plant storage facilities, drainage alterations and upgrade; improved delivery/car parking alterations, alterations toe xisting opening and construction of a new balcony to the conference facility, Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel, Holbeck Ghyll, Windermere

Tree Preservation

13 Matters relating to Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas

a)    Tree Preservation (No. 358) Order 2011 - Holbeck Ghyll, Windermere

2011_12_07 Tree Preservation Order no.358 - Confirmation (pdf)

Additional reports:

Access to Information - Local Government Act 1972 (As amended)

Agenda and Reports

Anyone can have a copy of the agenda and non-confidential reports before the meeting.  We will also make copies available for people to refer to at the meeting.

Background Papers

Anyone can make arrangements to see the list of background papers at Murley Moss between 9.00 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Address details are in Contact Us. We cannot make background papers available for confidential papers.