Fell Top Assessors reporting on the winter weather conditions on Helvellyn

What we do

Around 200 people work for the Lake District National Park Authority. Much of our work is behind the scenes but vital in keeping this corner of England special.

Our aims

Respecting the past

This does not mean keeping things in the past. It's more about taking things from the past into the future. Special projects include:

Caring for the present

The National Park has always relied on the people living and working in it. In more recent centuries people have visited here to relax, enjoy themselves and be inspired.

We work with different groups to balance their needs with those of the landscape. Sometimes this requires high-quality negotiating skills to overcome complex and challenging issues.

Our services include:

  • giving information through our visitor information centres
  • developing and maintaining access to land and water
  • encouraging responsible use of the countryside
  • organising and events to celebrate the National Park and support the economy
  • working to maintain our huge range of plant and animal species

Planning for the future

Our role in planning is not just to control development but to support the management of development with people - not alone.

We are committed to: