Using STEM to protect our National Parks

This teacher resource is for top end KS2 and KS3 STEM skills, in the classroom or as homework. Students complete 5 challenges looking at sustainable travel to and around the Lake District National Park. Classroom ideas, data, activity templates and answers are all included.

One page from a teacher resource STEM based activity pack

Full resource pack with 5 student activities which all include;

  1. Curriculum links
  2. Ideas for extension activities
  3. Suggestions on how to highlight the real world and STEM careers

This resource can be used as individual homework, or in small classroom groups to encourage discussion.

Download the full STEM Activity Pack PDF

In this set of activities we hope that you and your students can:

  • Learn more about how we are protecting our National Park and reducing our carbon footprint to look after our planet for future generations.
  • See how STEM can reduce the carbon footprint in your own lives.
  • Meet some people that work for us, finding out what they do and how they use STEM to look after our beautiful landscape.

Think about using the resources not only to link to the curriculum, but also to encourage the development of skills; teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking, time keeping, communication and presentation skills, and to extend thinking about how the students themselves can reduce their carbon footprint both at home and at school.