Ranger working in the Lake District

Park Management


We manage and maintain public rights of way, countryside access and water-based recreation to enhance people’s enjoyment of the national park and encourage responsible use. And we develop access to land and water in ways that contribute to sustainable transport and tourism.

Land management

We look after our important habitats and landscapes on rural property we own by carrying out practical work. And we support farmers and other land managers to work collaboratively with partners to protect and improve important landscape features.


We are the front-line contact for Lake District communities (farmers, visitors, residents and businesses). Working closely with them to understand and help them meet their needs in ways that support delivery the Vision for the Lake District. We provide practical work experiences for people to develop traditional countryside management skills and make opportunities for people to volunteer to help us take care of the area.

Tips on becoming a Ranger

We asked the experts - our rangers themselves what advice they would give to someone wanting to become a Ranger!

"Like people, travel the world and see other National Parks. Have a sense of humour, plenty of common sense and patience. Be prepared to be a 'jack of all trades' and master of quite a few."

"Go for it! Be prepared to gain plenty of work experience and bear in mind that there are all sorts of environmental jobs these days with very similar roles to a Ranger."

"Keep trying! Be prepared to study, to apply for jobs far away and to volunteer to build up experience. It's not an easy line of work to get into, but there are opportunities out there if you really want to make it happen."

"Be prepared to do some voluntary work to gain experience, and don't give up."

"Start by doing a degree, then get about 10 years' experience in countryside management. There are very few ranger vacancies at the Lake District National Park so you may have to be prepared to travel. I replaced a man who had completed around 30 years service as a ranger. "

"Get a countryside management qualification, get work experience wherever you can to gain experience, come with all that in about 10 years' time and you can have my job!"

"Get a relevant qualification and as much practical experience as you can (often through volunteering). It is unlikely you will be able to secure a Ranger job without having relevant work experience so work your way up the ladder and don't give up. It took me four attempts over eight years before I got this role."

"You must be able to multitask all at once!"