Looking at Coniston Boating Centre leaflet copyright Dave Willis
Looking at Coniston Boating Centre leaflet


Interactive map

The blue icons with a white 'i' show the locations of the Lake District Visitor Centre at Brockhole (opens in new window), Coniston Boating Centre (opens in new window) and our Information Centres.

Click the map controls to zoom in, or move the map around. Loading maps can take time, so please be patient!


Maps available online

See maps ranging from individual villages to maps of the whole National Park:

Village maps

These show local amenities such as information centres, car parks and toilets:

Area maps

Lake guides - including maps

These help everyone get the best out of their time on the water safely:

Buy maps

You can buy Ordnance Survey and other types of maps from an Information Centre when you're in the National Park.

Other interactive maps


Information Centres

Our pay and display car parks

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