Call for sites

‘Call for Sites’ now CLOSED

Statutory Consultation is now CLOSED

Public Consultation will begin on 8th May and will remain open until the 29th June

As part of the preparation of the emerging Local Plan, the LDNPA carried out a ‘Call for Sites’ where landowners, developers, parish councils, businesses and others were invited to send in details of any sites, land or buildings that could have development potential over the next 15 year period.  Suggestions were being invited for any site that may be suitable for the following uses:

  • housing (particularly on brownfield sites);
  • employment (offices, workshops, warehouses);
  • retail; and
  • tourism (such as visitor attractions and accommodation).

Following an extension to the original deadline, the ‘Call for Sites’ took place for a period of ten weeks from 12 April to 26 June 2017.

The period for receiving requests for land to be considered through the ‘call for sites’ has now concluded and we will not be accepting any further potential sites at this stage in the process.

What happens next?

We have received a total of 290 site suggestions (including existing allocations) for consideration for various uses:

  • housing – 153
  • employment – 24
  • retail – 1
  • tourism – 72
  • mixed – 40

All sites have been reviewed against the information we hold on planning constraints, for example whether the site is in the functional floodplain or subject to a national designation.  This forms part of the initial filtering process (stage 1) and helps refine the list of suggested sites before moving on to the next stage (stage 2) of the process which involves consulting statutory consultees and completing detailed site assessments.  The outcome of the detailed assessments will determine which sites are the most suitable for development and possible allocation in the emerging Local Plan. The sites considered most appropriate (stage 3) will be subject to full public consultation early in May and June 2018. It is at this point that we will welcome comments from members of the public on the sites that have been put forward.

Please note that the submission of a site does not mean that the site will be allocated for development in the Local Plan. The ‘Call for Sites’ is simply a means to establish which sites could potentially come forward for future development.  It is unlikely that all sites put forward will be included in the new Local Plan but submitting a site(s) through this process ensures it is taken into consideration and may lead to an allocation.

Any sites remaining following a site visit and assessment will be eligible for public consultation (Stage 3). This consultation will begin on the 8th May and will remain open until the 29th June. This will be an opportunity for the public to comment on all appropriate sites. For more information on the consultation process and how you can submit your comments when consultation is open, follow the link below.

Stage 3 - Public Consultation (open 8th May to 29th June)

More information Should you have any queries regarding the call for sites, please address them to or alternatively call 01539 724555 to speak to a member of the Strategy & Partnership team.