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Communications and Resources Directorate

To contact a member of staff, please call 01539 724555 or email

This directorate will contribute to the delivery of the Vision through:

  • Creative and commercial management of our resources and services
  • Great communications with our customers and colleagues
  • Developing a high performing organisation

People and Communications Service

Human Resources

Supporting the Authority in its drive for continuous improvement by:

  • managing and delivering the organisational development strategy "Maximising our Potential"
  • identifying and developing ways of working that make us more efficient and reduce our running costs

Coordinate activity to secure external funding

Leading in the preparation of external assessments such as Customer Service Excellence and Comprehensive Area Assessment

Delivering an effective administration service to committees and Members

Leading on member training and development

Provide a specialist advisory service in the following Human Resource areas:

  • Pay and workforce planning
  • Staff development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employment law
  • Policy and advice
  • Transactional services, including payroll

Communications and Customer Engagement

Working towards, and contributing to, improving understanding and increasing awareness of the National Park and the work the National Park Authority does.

Includes design and branding, events or special visits, learning opportunities, John Muir Award, news releases, marketing, publications and print, volunteer led activities, websites and social media.

Programmes and Resources Service

Property Services

Includes surveyors, a buildings manager and carbon reduction adviser to ensure our offices and depots are fit for purpose. It also looks after the 9,000 hectares of other beautiful properties we own, from Caldbeck and Uldale Commons and Bassenthwaite Lake in the north to coastal heath at Silecroft and Rusland woodlands in the south.

This area maximises opportunities for our property portfolio to be an exemplar of best practice in sustainable asset management and demonstrate the work of the Authority

Preparing, implementing and reviewing the Strategic Asset Management Plan

Coordinating the management of the Authority's property portfolio to provide:

  • operational facilities that enable all members, staff and volunteers to offer an excellent service.
  • non-operational properties that offer high quality and world-class visitor experiences and add to the spectacular landscape.

Maximising opportunities for partners to use our property

Bringing the work of the National Park Authority to life for all generations and all abilities through imaginative use of our property portfolio

Utilising the volunteer service to enable anyone to contribute to the management of the properties managed by the Authority

Finance and Performance

Providing financial information and a financial strategy to support the Authority's decision making processes, and ensuring that resources are targeted to key business objectives.

Providing a comprehensive suite of financial services including:

  • accounting, planning and reporting
  • financial transactional services, including payroll, creditors, debtors, and accounts staff development
  • ensuring strong regulatory and control processes
  • treasury management, insurance and procurement

Supporting and advising members and the Executive Board on:

  • strategic and corporate planning
  • risk management
  • service delivery and planning
  • systems to manage performance

Information and Communications Technology

An ICT strategy will be developed to support the business plan, and the ICT service aligned to deliver corporate priorities.

The ICT service will seek out and take advantage of opportunities for joint working and joint procurement to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Technical support, systems development and GIS provision
  • ICT Support across the Authority including software and database development, systems analysis and process improvements
  • GIS service to support the Authority's work
  • Technical support of the Authority's website
  • Management of the National Parks Portal

Commercial Services Service

Information Services

  • To maximise opportunities for engaging and providing information about the National Park and the Authority's work, to people visiting the National Park, and living and working in it. To lead and support how we communicate with people, provide opportunities for education and promote understanding.
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to coordinate and distribute information and manage information 'points' whether they are existing information centres, contact centre or evolving 'visitor information points'.
  • Running Brockhole - The Lake District Visitor Centre (opens in new window)
  • Providing additional advice, interpretation and support to customers who need help to receive and understand information
  • Dynamic communication with wide audiences, particularly those who are hard to reach
  • Signposting people to complementary and additional information
  • a high profile educational programme to develop understanding about all aspects of the National Park and the Vision - supporting and complementing the subject specific work of other teams
  • production and publishing information which supports our activities through contact centre and information centres
  • The Volunteer Service, enabling anyone to contribute to this special National Park