Design and display of numbers and annual marks

Purpose of the registration scheme

The purpose of the registration scheme is to make it easier to identify power driven vessels on the lake, particularly those which break the navigation rules or cause nuisance to other lake users. Registration is not complete until the registration numbers and marks are clearly displayed in a prominent position on both sides of the boat; and registration lapses if they are not clearly visible at any time.

The numbers are designed to be visible from the shore through binoculars, in order that the rangers, police, lake wardens or other members of the public can identify a boat quickly and without necessarily being on the water. Registration marks can only be used on the vessel for which they were originally acquired unless retention of numbers has been applied for.

Design and display of numbers

Byelaw 5.3 indicates that:
The Authority shall allocate to each vessel a number and shall prescribe its size and design and shall notify the applicant of the number and of the size and design.

A number will be allocated to you on receipt of the completed registration form. To comply with this byelaw the Authority has prescribed that the numbers shall be white on a black ground, 6 inches/ 152mm high, with a 1 inch/25mm strokewidth, and of Helvetica Medium design.

Display of annual marks

Byelaw 5.6indicates that:
The applicant shall also cause the annual marks to be displayed on both sides of the hull adjacent to but not touching or obscuring the number referred to in byelaw 5.5 and so as to be clearly visible.6” / 152mm1” / 25mm