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Marketing Toolkits

To promote wider awareness of the Lake District's World Heritage status, we've produced an extensive Brand Toolkit which is available to businesses and other organisations operating within the World Heritage Site.

There's also a Business Toolkit provided by Cumbria Tourism which is closely linked to the World Heritage toolkit, details of which can be found below.

The packs include logos in a jpeg format suitable for digital and print use. Some logos are included in 2 colour ways (black text on white and a reversal), with a selection also available in 2 or 3 line formats.

Please review the included Read Me file and the brand guidelines linked below prior to using any of the World Heritage brand assets.

For more information, or if you require any of the brand assets in a different format, please contact lakeswh@lakedistrict.gov.uk.

Please note, the list of available assets has recently been updated with files split into groups, rather than individual downloads. You may need to download more than one of the brand packs to find the asset you're looking for.

World Heritage Site Brand guidelines

Please read the guidelines before using any of the assets linked from this page.


Included with the toolkit are brand guidelines showing how the brand assets can be used, and a wide selection of logos to encourage visitor growth and recognition of the World Heritage inscription.


A number of the above - Welcome to, Enjoy, Explore, Love, Made in, Sail in, Stay in and Visit are available in Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and German, both as 2 line and 3 line versions and in all three formats. If you would like a translated version, please get in touch.

Examples of how the World Heritage branding can be used include:

  • Displaying a logo on your product or packaging for items made in the Lake District
  • Including a logo on your website and email communications
  • Adding a logo to printed materials such as leaflets, guides and menus
  • Use on signage and promotional campaigns

Logo Pack Downloads

Each of the activities logos includes a 2 or 3 line variant of <activity> in the English Lake District World Heritage Site.

Other Brand Asset Downloads

A separate series of logos for the WHS Working Groups can be downloaded from here.

The English Lake District's 13 Valleys

Here you'll find a single page overview of each of the 13 valleys that make up the English Lake District World Heritage Site.

Lake District Valley Badge Downloads

Cumbria Tourism Business Toolkit

One of the legacies of the Cumbria Tourism England's World Heritage Story - The North project, was the creation of a business toolkit.

This publication provides businesses with an introduction to the English Lake District World Heritage Site and how it could help them.

With an introduction by the Chair of the World Heritage Site Steering Group, the toolkit provides an introduction to the Lake District's World Heritage story and provides suggestions and ideas how a business might use this status within their operations. Whether it is as a means of differentiation, a tool to attract and retain skilled staff, inspiration for new products and services, the toolkit can take businesses on their World Heritage journey.

You can download a digital version of the Business Toolkit here.