Lake District weather takes centre stage in new Windermere art exhibition

Published on: 19 Mar 2018

Gaddum artwork of Windermere

Brockhole-on-Windermere’s new art gallery, the Gaddum Gallery, is welcoming Cumbrian artist Daniel Cooper to exhibit a Lake District inspired collection.

The Gaddum Gallery, which opened its doors in November last year, is giving Cumbrian artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a renowned Lake District property, and Daniel Cooper is the latest artist to use the space.

‘All the Lakes a Stage’ is a painting collection by artist Daniel Cooper whose work is influenced by the changing weather, mood and light of the Lake District; it will run until 13 May. His paintings reflect the Lake District landscape, particularly the southern lakes and fells. Cooper continues to observe reality imaginatively and this exhibition is filled with familiar and dramatic representations of the most well-known views around Cumbria.

On Wednesday 28 March visitors are invited to ‘meet the artist’ between 4pm and 6pm as Daniel Cooper will be on site at the Gaddum Gallery at Brockhole-on-Windermere to host a private viewing of his work.  

Daniel Copper, Cumbrian artist, said: “For me, all the lakes, fells and trees play their part in a stage arranged by nature, thus making the Lake District a joy to visit and paint any time of the year. This exhibition features emotional expressions to the sublime weather and its interaction within the landscape of Cumbria’s National Park which is home to some of the most beautiful views in England.”

In recent years, Daniel’s landscape paintings and drawings have been shown in some of the finest galleries in Cumbria and he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions across the region. His art has even been exhibited alongside works by former teacher of John Ruskin, Samuel Prout (1783-1852) and illustrator, writer and natural scientist, Beatrix Potter (1866-1943).

The Gaddum Gallery will give visitors the chance to view exceptional artworks from Cumbrian artists and aims to host four to five exhibitions per year by artists who are either based within Cumbria, or whose work is inspired by the region.

Brockhole-on-Windermere’s Visitor Services Manager, Kat Stacey, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Daniel to the Gaddum Gallery; his collection ‘All the Lakes a Stage’ is the perfect fit for our lake-side location. Following the opening of this gallery space there are many other developments taking place at Brockhole to give visitors plenty to do, and to ensure we’re catering to all; from lake lovers to adventure seekers, and now art fans.”

Daniel Cooper’s exhibition is now open at the Gaddum Gallery and will run until 13 May. Find out more here:

Photo shows a piece of artwork inspired by Windermere from local artist Daniel Cooper, part of his ‘All the Lakes a Stage’ exhibition at Gaddum Gallery.

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