Shafts of sunlight over the Langdale Pikes copyright Val Corbett
Shafts of sunlight over the Langdale Pikes

World Heritage Inscription for the Lake District

Joining the A-list

A group of local, regional and national organisations are working together to make the Lake District a World Heritage Site. If successful, England's premier national park would join Egypt's pyramids, the Taj Mahal and Hadrian's Wall as an internationally recognised site. Find out more in What is a World Heritage Site?

A cultural landscape

This partnership is seeking inscription under the cultural landscape category. The spectacular landscape of the Lake District has been shaped by farming, industry, Picturesque landscape design and the conservation movement. It stimulated poets and artists of the  Romantic movement from the late 18th century and conservationists from the 19th century.

It continues to culturally inspire the millions who seek out what captivated Wordsworth, Ruskin and Beatrix Potter. There are more details in Why the Lake District?