Steamer on Windermere copyright LDNPA

Impacts of tourism

Large numbers of visitors bring both great advantages to the area along with some big challenges.

Positive impacts

  • The needs of tourists create new jobs
  • Tourists support local shops and products
  • Money from tourists can be used to conserve and improve the area
  • Services for tourists benefit local people, for example public transport and roads
  • Local people value and care for the environment

Negative impacts

  • Jobs in tourism are often seasonal and wages are low
  • Prices rise in shops as tourists have more money to spend
  • Shops cater for the requirements of tourists not local people
  • Large numbers of tourists can damage the environment. For example footpath erosion - take a look at Fix the Fells (opens in new window)
  • Demand for holiday homes pushes up house prices for local people. Read more in Affordable housing
  • More pollution and litter
  • More traffic congestion and parking issues