Stay home. Stay safe.

Guidance is to exercise locally.

Getting outside for exercise is of course important, but please don't take any unnecessary risks, especially in the cold and icy weather.

By staying safe and staying local you can help reduce the pressure on our emergency services.

Help keep our emergency staff and hospital beds free for those that need them most.

Check how the coronavirus rules affect the Lake District National Park

Hostels and bunkhouses

The Lake District actually has some of the most stunningly located youth hostels in the country, with beautiful lake views on offer and settings within key Lake District towns and villages a real draw. The cost savvy traveller option of a youth hostel or bunkhouse certainly allows you to have all the comforts enjoyed at a hotel but at a clean and basic level, letting you save your money for a few treats when you are out and about discovering the beautiful landscape.

Lake District youth hostels are also a great option for groups of friends, sometimes it can be hard to find accommodation cheaply when you have a group looking to book accommodation at the last minute or ad hoc with a sense of adventure! Youth hostels and bunk houses can be a great option for this – just pop in and see if there are any vacancies!

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Hostels and bunk houses in the Lake District

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