Temporary Closures of Rights of Way

Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Closures of rights of way are usually to allow works to take place, for example, helicopter stonelifts for Fix the Fells work or replacement of large bridges.  They may also be made for reasons of public safety, for example motor rallies, forestry, utility works or building works that affect public paths.  Orders are planned in advance, and can last up to six months. Notices are for very short term issues and come into effect immediately.

A longer term Traffic Regulation Order is a legal order regulating traffic on public highways. This includes footpaths, bridleways, byways, restricted byways and carriageways with a predominantly unsealed surface. They can be made for reasons such as:

  • avoiding danger to people or other traffic
  • preserving the character of a road
  • preventing unsuitable use of a road
  • for the purpose of conserving or enhancing the natural beauty of the area

They can restrict:

  • All or certain specified types of user -  for example, all mechanically propelled vehicles except motorbikes
  • Use to certain times or seasons - for example, days of the week or width/height/length limits
  • The extent of road affected - for example, the whole of a road or to a specified length

Decisions taken under delegated powers

Decisions to make traffic regulation orders are taken under delegated powers.  Under the Openness of Government Regulations 2014 we publish all these decisions which can be seen on the Openness Of Government page.

There are two sets of the information below:

Intention to Make an Order, and Current Orders & Notices

Before we make an Order we have to tell people what we intend to do and why. These Notices of Intention are published in the local press and on this website at least 7 days before the Order is made.

If you have any queries, please contact Nick Thorne, Countryside Access Adviser; nick.thorne@lakedistrict.gov.uk or 01539 792621

Intention to make an order

Current Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices

BREAST HIGH ROAD, A6 TO BRETHERDALE, Byway Open to All Traffic 355002 / 367004 / 355003 / 584026, Whinfell, Orton and Tebay Parishes

Date of change: 1 May 2022

We have made an Order temporarily closing the unsealed section of Breast High Road to all vehicular traffic (excepting pedal cycles) between the A6 and Bretherdale as it is being repaired and resurfaced.  In order to enable this to take place effectively and safely, we will prohibit all vehicular traffic during the works period - and for a time following completion of the works to facilitate a bedding-in period.  This may extend beyond November, possibly through the winter.

Access for pedestrians, pedal cyclists and horse-riders will be maintained at all times.  There is no suitable direct alternative route for vehicles.

Order and map

Expires: 31 October 2022

Dale End Boathouse, Grasmere Lakeshore, Bridleway 542041, Lakes (Grasmere) Parish

Date of change: 5 April 2022

The boathouse at Dale End on the southern shore of Grasmere is being taken down and rebuilt. In order to do this safely and to have a worksite for machinery and materials, the bridleway alongside the boathouse is being temporarily closed and diverted to a surfaced path being created immediately adjacent.  We have made an Order to enable this to happen - coming into force on 16 May 2022.

Notice and map

Expires: 16 November 2022

Chinese Bridge - footpath  212001 & 212052, Grange-in-Borrowdale, Borrowdale Parish

Date of change: 1 February 2022

Cumbria County Council have made an Order closing the path across Chinese Bridge.  This work is expected to take two weeks from 2 May 2022 - the bridge will be open in the evenings and at weekends.


Expires: 7 August 2022

Storm Arwen Closures

Several paths are closed because of danger from overhanging trees or removal of these.  These are closure notices for 21 days (unless stated) as listed below:

None at present

Dale Park, Grizedale - part of bridleway 566021, Satterthwaite Parish

Date of change: 5 January 2022

We have made an Order temporarily closing part of bridleway 566021 that runs through The Cross at Dale Park, Grizedale Forest will be closed to enable felling and extraction to take place.  The Larch trees have been identified as having phytopthora ramorum, and need to be extracted - they are either side and over the bridleway, which means that the harvesters and forwarders will be crossing it many times.  Multiple log rafts will be constructed to enable this, and, aside from the felling itself, these will obstruct passage.  The work is planned to take 8-10 weeks, but is weather dependant.

Site Notice

Expires: 14 July 2022

Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale Forest - part of bridleway 407021, Ennerdale & Kinniside Parish

Date of change: 12 October 2021

We have made an an Order to temporarily close a short length of the bridleway at Gillerthwaite for around two months during 2022, as there are large amounts of infected larch to fell and remove.  Most of the work can be done without closing paths, through the use of bankspeople.  But for one stretch the risk of timber and debris rolling onto the bridleway is high. There are good alternatives to the south for walkers (via footpaths 407054 and 407046) and riders (via the forest road) as shown on the site maps.

Site Notice and Order

Expires: 1 July 2022

River Brathay north of Stang End

Date of change:  5 January 2022

The 21-Day Closure Notice (expiring on 12 January) is being replaced with / converted to a six month Order.

The bridge across the River Brathay on the footpath between Stang End and Wilson Place has become dangerous to use, and replacement has been delayed due to the amount of work clearing up after Storm Arwen.  The bridge has been closed to the public until we can replace it, which we hope to do as soon as possible.  An alternative is available by using the minor road network via Tilberthwaite Ford (bridge) to the west.

We have issued a second 21 Day Closure Notice for the footbridge across the River Brathay north of Stang End (FP 534035/571004, Parishes of Lakes(Langdales) and Skelwith Parishes.  This is due to a bridge with rotting beams which we have not been able to replace due to consenting procedures and now staff being diverted to storm recovery work.  This Notice is likely to be converted to a six-month Order in early January.

Notice & Order

Expires:  5 July 2022 (or when bridge replaced)

Beckstones Gill, Beckstones Plantation (Barf/Lord's Seat Path), Footpath 201044, Above Derwent Parish

Date of change: 4 August 2021 & 17 February 2022

The footpath alongside Beckstones Gill on the Powter How to Barf/Lord's Seat Path will be closed for up to six months to enable clearfell and extraction. Because of the terrain and slopes, there is a high likelihood of timber and debris rolling down the steep slopes to the footpath, therefore it is closed to ensure that walkers are safe at all times. It is likely that the works will be completed in less than six months allocated for the closure - in which case the paths will re-open.

Extended by the Secretary of State until 1 June 2022

Notices, Order and Map

Expiry: 1 June 2022

Stanley Ghyll Lower Falls - Eskdale, Footpath 408037, Eskdale Parish

Date of change: 5 April 2022

Following further damage during Storm Arwen and subsequent rockfalls, the footpath to the waterfall in Stanley Ghyll remains closed because it has been damaged, made unstable, and unsafe - creating a danger to the public.  The section closed is between the bridge at SD 1742 9958 and the lower falls at SD 1743 9953.  There is no access to the lower falls, but the upper falls are now visible from the new viewing platform.

We are currently investigating what we can do to rebuild / restore this path, and also making the rockface above it stable to minimise danger to the public. We don’t yet know what we can do, and so this may take some time.


All other rights of way in Stanley Ghyll are open, as is the viewing platform at the top of the site.

Notice & Order

Expires: 31 May 2023

Newlands Beck - Part of Footpath 201023, Newlands Beck, Little Braithwaite, Above Derwent Parish

Date of change: 29 November 2021

Part of footpath 201023, along the bank of Newlands Beck south of Little Braithwaite (shown A-B in red on the attached plan) is closed to the public because the river washed away the bank and footpath during Storm Ciara (February 2020) with further subsequent damage.  The extent of the damage has grown significantly during October and November 2021.

The Order came into effect on 18 February 2020 and was extended until 31 December 2021 - the Secretary of State has now extended this until 31 December 2022. We will be working with other agencies to try and resolve the difficult issues here.  Please use alternative routes following public roads to the east or west and other footpaths, which can be seen on the map.

Notices, order and approval letter

Expires: 31 December 2022

Permanent Restrictions



  • Nibthwaite to Parkamoor
  • Path or road number: U5051
  • Dates of closure: Discretionary closures depending on weather and condition
  • Reason: To protect the surface and amenity


  • Rusland Pool
  • Path or road number: U5566
  • Dates of closure: Seasonally closed between 1 October and 31 May
  • Reason: To protect the fish stocks in Rusland Pool and both Ashes Beck and Force Beck


How to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order/Notice

We need at least 10 weeks notice to process a Temporary Closure Order. Notices for 5 or 21 days can be processed immediately as we do not have to advertise them in the press.  Costs of orders and notices are usually met by the applicant.

Please contact either your local Ranger of a member of the Park Management Team on 01539 724555, as soon as you think you may need to close a path.