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Temporary Closures of Rights of Way

Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Closures of rights of way are usually to allow works to take place, for example, helicopter stonelifts for Fix the Fells work or replacement of large bridges.  They may also be made for reasons of public safety, for example motor rallies, forestry, utility works or building works that affect public paths.  Orders are planned in advance, and can last up to six months.  Notices are for very short term issues and come into effect immediately.

A longer term Traffic Regulation Order is a legal order regulating traffic on public highways.  This includes footpaths, bridleways, byways, restricted byways and carriageways with a predominantly unsealed surface.  They can be made for reasons such as:

  • avoiding danger to people or other traffic
  • preserving the character of a road
  • preventing unsuitable use of a road
  • for the purpose of conserving or enhancing the natural beauty of the area

They can restrict:

  • All or certain specified types of user -  for example, all mechanically propelled vehicles except motorbikes
  • Use to certain times or seasons - for example, days of the week or width/height/length limits
  • The extent of road affected - for example, the whole of a road or to a specified length

Decisions taken under delegated powers

Decisions to make traffic regulation orders are taken under delegated powers.  Under the Openness of Government Regulations 2014 we publish all these decisions which can be seen on the Openness Of Government page.

There are two sets of information below:

Intention to Make an Order, and Current Orders & Notices

Before we make an Order we have to tell people what we intend to do and why.  These Notices of Intention are published in the local press and on this website at least 7 days before the Order is made.

If you have any queries, please contact Sarah Blakemore, Rights of Way and Access Assistant on 01539 792698 ext. 2730 or or Nick Thorne, Countryside Access Adviser; or 01539 792621

Intention to make an order

None at present (September 2020)

Current Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices

AYSIDE - Bridleway 573009, Staveley-in-Cartmel Parish

Date of change:  1 September 2020

We have made an Order to temporarily prohibit the public from using the northernmost 185 metres of the bridleway to enable Network Plus to install cables to the Predator Experience development. The closure will be in force for two months, but it is expected that the work will only take two weeks at the end of September 2020 - the path will re-open when the works are complete and the surface re-instated.  There is no suitable alternative other than the road to the west.  Walkers and riders should not use the bridleway from the south in the hope or expectation that they will be able to exit at the northern end - it will be physically blocked off at point B.  They may use the bridleway from C-B as a 'there-and-back' route.

Notices and Order

Expires:  12 November 2020

BROCKLE BECK, CASTLERIGG - Footpath 249001/212067, St Johns Castlerigg & Wythburn And Borrowdale Parishes

Date of change:  31 August 2020

We have made an Order to temporarily close the footpath from the Rakefoot road to the bridge and along the bank of Brockle Beck which will be closed to enable Network Plus to replace cables that runs across the beck and under the path.  The closure is in force for two months, but it is expected that the work will only take two-three weeks at the beginning of September 2020.  The suggested alternative is via the existing footpaths to the west and north of Derwent Holiday Camp as shown in green on the map.

Order, Notice and Site Notice

Expires:  30 October 2020

ENNERDALE FOREST - A number of footpaths and bridleways in Ennerdale Forest, Ennerdale & Kinniside Parish

Date of change:  20 July 2020

We have made an Order to temporarily close a number of footpaths and bridleways from 3 August 2020.  The effect of the order will be to prohibit public traffic for all purposes from proceeding over parts of a number of footpaths and bridleways in Ennerdale Forest (as listed below – see map) to enable felling and extraction of timber.

  • BW 407028 (Ling Mell) – 950 metres from point Z (NY 1312 1382) eastwards to D and southwards to point C (NY 1360 1322)
  • FP 407042 (Ling Mell) – 1.1km from BW 407028 (point D1: NY 1332 1376) southwards to edge of forest (point B1: NY 1361 1273)
  • FP 407029 (River Liza) – 3.4km from BW 407028 (point D: NY 1339 1379) eastwards to FP 407032 south of middle road bridge (point K: NY 1650 1349)
  • FP 407032 (Middle road bridge) – 115 metres between FP 407029 (point K: NY 1650 1349) northward over bridge to BW 407021 (point L: NY 1648 1359)
  • FP 407032 (Ennerdale Fell Plantation) 1km from FP 407029 (point K: NY 1650 1349) south-eastwards to edge of wood just north of at FP 407033 (point M: NY 1724 1294)
  • FP 407034 (High Beck – Pillar Path) 770 metres from FP 407030 (point Y: NY 1514 1338) south-eastwards to edge of forest at point G (NY 1576 1292)
  • BW 407021 (Gillerthwaite towards Black Sail) 2.1km from FP 407027 (point H: NY 1455 1412) eastwards to BW 407001 (point S: NY 1913 1250)

Not all paths will be closed at the same time, and together with alternative routes there will always be one east-west route open through the valley, and at least two routes onto the fells to the south.  Signage on site will indicate the situation at any one time.

Site Notice and Order

Expires:  3 February 2021

SETMURTHY PLANTATION - part of Bridleway 252001, Setmurthy Plantation, Setmurthy Parish

Date of change:  10 July 2020

We have made an Order temporarily closing the section of BW 252001 within Setmurthy Plantation between NY 1487 3199 and NY 1547 3245 will be closed for around 60 days (or fewer if possible) during the six month period from early July.  Signs will be on site at the times that the closure is in operation. There is no direct alternative route - and much of the access land is also closed (see Forestry England signs on site).  However, Forestry England have created additional access to provide a loop back to Cockermouth Road on the days when B-C is closed – as shown.

Site Notice and Map for Setmurthy Plantation

Expires:  31 December 2020

STANLEY GHYLL WATERFALL - part of footpath 408037, Eskdale Parish

Date of change:  24 June 2020

The footpath to the waterfall in Stanley Ghyll is closed.  The section closed is between the junction with FP 408087 north of the bridge at SD 1740 9960 across the bridge and to the waterfall at SD1743 9953.  There is no access to the waterfall.

The closure is required because we have identified significant areas of loose and overhanging rock in the area immediately above the footpath – and this poses a high risk to people using the footpath.

The Order is in effect from 24 June 2020 and continues in force for 6 months to enable us to try and stabilise the rock and mitigate the risk.  It is likely that this order will be extended at the end of the six months.  There are no alternative routes to the waterfall – and please do not attempt to find any, or use the beck or other ways to try to get there.

For information on this please contact the Property Team, National Park Authority, Murley Moss, Oxenholme Road, Kendal, Cumbria (01539 724555) during normal office hours, or

Site Notice and Order

Expires:  24 December 2020

IRTON PIKE - part of Footpath 411021, Irton Pike, Irton with Santon Parish

Date of change:  27 May 2020

We have made an Order to temporarily close the section of FP 411021 from the road east of Santon Bridge (NY 1145 0144) to the far side of Irton Pike (NY 1209 0226) - which will be closed for at least three months from early July to enable felling and extraction of timber. The alternatives are either are either via the road network (shown in green in the map) or a steeper, longer right of way (shown in blue).

Notice and Order - Irton Pike

Expires:  1 January 2021

DUNMALLARD CAR PARK, Pooley Bridge - Part of Bridleway 321014, North of Dunmallard Car Park, Pooley Bridge, Dacre Parish

Date of change:  13 April 2020

We have made an Order to temporarily close part of Bridleway 321014 north of Dunmallard Car Park, Pooley Bridge in Dacre Parish from grid ref NY 4714 2492 to NY 4695 2446 from 13 April 2020 due to crane operations as part of bridge replacement works adjacent to the path.  The order will take effect on 13 April 2020 and will continue in force for six months, but it is anticipated that the closure will only be operative for a few weeks, around the end of April and beginning of May.

There will be an alternative route for walkers as shown A-C-D-E in green on the map.  Unfortunately this route is not suitable for cyclists or horse riders.

Please note: It will not be possible to access the B5320 next to the car park entrance via this alternative route.

Notice and Order for Dunmallard Car Park and Site Notice for Dunmallard Car Park

Expires:  13 October 2020

NEWLANDS BECK - Part of Footpath 201023, Newlands Beck, Little Braithwaite, Above Derwent Parish

Date of change: 27 February 2020

Part of footpath 201023, along the bank of Newlands Beck south of Little Braithwaite (shown A-B in red on the attached plan) is closed to the public because the river washed away the bank and footpath during Storm Ciara (February 2020) with further subsequent damage.  Because of the friable nature yet further damage is likely.

The Order came into effect on 18 February 2020 and has been extended by the Secretary of State until 31 December 2021, or until works have been completed if earlier.  This will enable us to rebuild or otherwise resolve the issues on the path.  Please use alternative routes following public roads to the east or west and other footpaths, which can be seen on the map.

Notice, Site Notice, Approval Letter and Order

Expires: 31 December 2021

FENWICK - bridge on footpath 416002 at Fenwick, Millom Without Parish

Date of change:  29 June 2020

The Secretary of State has extended the temporary closure of Footpath 416002 from SD 1697 8830 at Swinside to SD 1670 8938 at Fenwick in Millom Without Parish. This is because we have been unable to replace the bridge as hoped as we have reduced staffing levels during the coronavirus pandemic.

The closed section of path is shown in red on the map/plan (A to B).  The closure is required because of an unsafe footbridge.

The order now continues in force until 30 September 2021 at the latest – although we very much hope and expect to replace the bridge well before then and re-open the path.

An alternative route is available as shown in green on the map A-C-D-B via bridleway 416055, the unclassified road U4064 and footpath 416001.

Letter, Notice, Order for Fenwick

Expires:  30 September 2021 (or when bridge is replaced if earlier)

FOSS HOW (Bridge) - Part of Footpath 521055, near Foss How, Troutal, Dunnerdale-With-Seathwaite Parish

The Secretary of State has extended the order temporarily restricting all traffic on part of Footpath 521055 from SD 2388 9849 on the northern bank of the beck west of Foss How to SD 2388 9847 on the southern bank of the beck west of Foss How – a distance of approximately 30 metres.

The closed section of path is shown in red on the map/plan (A to B).  The closure is required because of a dangerous bridge.

The closure order has been extended by the Secretary of State until 30 September 2021 - but we hope to replace the bridge during the summer of 2020 if at all practicable.

There is no direct alternative route.  Please use other rights of way or adjacent open access land.

Letter, Notice and Order - Foss How

Expires: 30 September 2021 (or until bridge is replaced if earlier)

TARN BECK, SEATHWAITE- Near Havelock Cottage, Dunnerdale-With-Seathwaite Parish

Date of change:  20 November 2019

We have made an Order to temporarily close Footpath 521011 from the road at Havelock Cottage SD 2260 9600 northwards to and across the bridge over Tarn Beck to SD 2258 9605 because of a dangerous bridge.  An alternative on existing footpaths exists to the east.  This order came into effect on 20 November 2019 and has been extended by the Secretary of State until 20 December 2020 due to danger to the public and to enable works to replace the bridge.  The bridge is scheduled to be replaced during the summer of 2020.

A suggested alternative route is available to the east and north of the closed path via footpath 521010.

Letter, Notice and Order - Havelock Cottage

Expires: 20 December 2020 (or until bridge is replaced if earlier)

Permanent Restrictions



  • Nibthwaite to Parkamoor
  • Path or road number: U5051
  • Dates of closure: Discretionary closures depending on weather and condition
  • Reason: To protect the surface and amenity


  • Rusland Pool
  • Path or road number: U5566
  • Dates of closure: Seasonally closed between 1 October and 31 May
  • Reason: To protect the fish stocks in Rusland Pool and both Ashes Beck and Force Beck


How to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order/Notice

We need at least 10 weeks notice to process a Temporary Closure Order. Notices for 5 or 21 days can be processed immediately as we do not have to advertise them in the press.  Costs of orders and notices are usually met by the applicant.

Please contact either your local Ranger of a member of the Park Management Team on 01539 724555, as soon as you think you may need to close a path.