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Changes to the Rights of Way Network

Changes to the Rights of Way Network

The Rights of Way network is not fixed in stone, and over time there have been a large number of changes to the network.  The map below shows the current network, and indicates where consultations are live for potential changes, along with current orders open for objections and representations, along with orders confirmed since 1 April 2016.  These are listed in the tables below the map, with links to the relevant documents.

What sort of changes happen?

Public Path Orders - diversions, creations, and extinguishments

These are changes that move, close or create paths to benefit the public or the landowner/occupier.

Most landowners will soon have a right to apply for orders on their land.  We are obliged to keep a register of all current applications.  This will be added to our webpages when the right comes into effect.

The cost of changes are generally met by the beneficiary or applicant.

This is detailed in our current guidance, costs, and application form.

Decisions taken under delegated powers

Decisions with regard to most public path orders are taken under delegated powers.  Under the Openness of Government Regulations 2014 we publish all these decisions which can be seen here (Link to page is on the left).

Decisions taken through our Rights of Way Committee procedures are on our committees page of this website.

Modification Orders

These are changes made based on historical evidence. If any member of the public believes that the definitive map (the legal record of rights of way) is incorrect, then they can make an application to us to modify the map.  Changes can be to delete a path incorrectly shown, alter incorrect alignments, change the status (from footpath to bridleway for instance) or add routes not shown in the current map.

We are obliged to keep a register of all current modification order applications.  This is on our statutory register page.

All Modification Order decisions are taken through our Rights of Way Committee procedures and are on our committee page - with links to this also on here.

Public Path Orders and Modification Orders Made or Confirmed in the last six months

Diversion of Footpath 511001, Bridge End, Colton Parish

Parish: Colton Parish

Location: Bridge End, Colton

Path: Footpath 511001

We have diverted the western end of footpath 511001.  From SD 3112 8325 the route running west of Bridge End to the road at SD 3102 8330 has been replaced with a route east of the buildings to SD 3106 8333 as shown on the order plan.

Link to Order and Notice:  Bridge End Colton

Diversion of Bridleway 342003/370003 at Bessy Gill, Parishes of Lowther and Thrimby

Parish: Lowther and Thrimby Parishes

Location: Bessy Gill (Emperor's Drive), Lowther and Thrimby

Path: Bridleway 342003 & 370003

30 November 2019: We have diverted part of the bridleway 342003/370003 between NY 5406 2189 and NY 5427 2205 from a line alongside Bessy Gill to a new more northerly route curving round new pond

Link to Order and Notice: Notice and Order Bessy Gill

Extension of Public Footpath 220050, Buttermere Lakeshore ('Muddocks Path'), Buttermere & Brackenthwaite Parish

Parish:  Buttermere & Brackenthwaite Parish

Proposal:  We have entered into an agreement with the landowner to create an extension to Public Footpath 220050 south west of Muddocks Crags, Buttermere Lakeshore, from NY 1871 1558 to NY 1912 1542.

Objection and Representation Period: None

Date agreement effective:  5 April

Link to Map:  Footpath 220050