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Changes to the Rights of Way Network

Changes to the Rights of Way Network

The Rights of Way network is not fixed in stone, and over time there have been a large number of changes to the network.  The map below shows the current network, and indicates where consultations are live for potential changes, along with current orders open for objections and representations, along with orders confirmed since 1 April 2016.  These are listed in the tables below the map, with links to the relevant documents.

What sort of changes happen?

Public Path Orders - diversions, creations, and extinguishments

These are changes that move, close or create paths to benefit the public or the landowner/occupier.

Most landowners will soon have a right to apply for orders on their land.  We are obliged to keep a register of all current applications.  This will be added to our webpages when the right comes into effect.

The cost of changes are generally met by the beneficiary or applicant.

This is detailed in our current guidance, costs, and application form.

Decisions taken under delegated powers

Decisions with regard to most public path orders are taken under delegated powers.  Under the Openness of Government Regulations 2014 we publish all these decisions which can be seen on the Openness of Government- Delegated Decisions page, which can be accessed here.

Decisions taken through our Rights of Way Committee procedures are on our committees page of this website (Rights of Way Committee page can be found here).

Modification Orders

These are changes made based on historical evidence. If any member of the public believes that the definitive map (the legal record of rights of way) is incorrect, then they can make an application to us to modify the map.  Changes can be to delete a path incorrectly shown, alter incorrect alignments, change the status (from footpath to bridleway for instance) or add routes not shown in the current map.

We are obliged to keep a register of all current modification order applications.  This is on our statutory register page.

All Modification Order decisions are taken through our Rights of Way Committee procedures and are on our committee page - with links to this also on here.

Public Path Orders and Modification Orders within the last six months

Made Orders

Diversion of footpath 520004, Walk Mill, Broughton West Parish

Parish: Broughton West (Duddon Parish Council)

Location: Walk Mill, Broughton Mills

Path: Footpath 520004

Proposal: Divert the footpath at Walk Mill from the circuitous route between NY 2236 9050 and NY 2250 9047 to a more direct route to the north.

Objection and Representation Period: 1 September 2022 to 7 October 2022

Link to Order and Notice

Remove from website: 7/10/2022

Various changes to rights of way network, Brotherilkeld, Eskdale Parish - order has received objections, now with the Secretary of State to determine (September 2021)

Parish: Eskdale Parish

Location: Brotherilkeld, Eskdale

Path: Footpaths 408008, 408028, 408029, 408032, 408092, 408093

Proposal: Divert, extinguish and create footpaths to reflect paths used on the ground namely:

Divert, extinguish, and create footpaths to reflect paths used on the ground, namely:

Divert, extinguish, and create footpaths to reflect paths used on the ground, namely:

  • South of Brotherilkeld
    • Extinguish section of path 408032 shown in beck from NY 2120 0115 to NY 2118 0131.
  • Brotherilkeld / Taw House
    • Move path 408028 (extinguish and create) from farm (NY 2129 0143) to bridge (NY 2125 0149) to line slightly to south through yard (NY 2128 0142 - NY 2124 0147);
    • Create path 408092 across bridge and to Taw House - NY 2125 0149 to NY 2107 0157).
  • Brotherilkeld northwards
    • Divert path 408008 from field route between NY 2122 0140 and NY 2141 0180 to riverside route, and from there to NY 2148 0198 from riverside to top of old riverbank to the east;
    • Create path 408093 from NY 2148 0186 north-east to NY 2194 0235.
  • North-east of Brotherilkeld
    • Divert path 408029 heading south east from NY 2140 0149 to new start point just north at NY 2142 0150, rejoining mapped route at NY 2143 0144;
    • Divert path 408032 heading northwards from NY 2142 0150 to NY 2237 0284 to new route following used line ending at NY 2226 0273.
  • These replace similar Orders made on 19 October 2010, which have now been abandoned.

Objection and Representation Period: Until 3 June 2021

Link to Order: Diversion, Extinguishment and Creation Order, Notice and Map

To remain on website: Until further notice

Occupation Lane, Broughton West Parish- Modification of definitive map to add two bridleways

Parish: Broughton West Parish (Duddon Parish Council)

Location: Occupation Lane, Broughton-in-Furness

Path: Bridleways 520070 & 520071

Proposal: Modify the definitive map by adding two sections of bridleway along Occupation Lane a) between Station Road in Broughton and Broughton Park, and b) between Broughton Park and Bush Green on the A595

Objection and Representation Period: 18 August 2022 to 21 October 2022

Link to Orders and Notice

Date to remove from website: 23 February 2023

Confirmed Orders

Creation of Public Bridleways, Low Moor End and Broadmoor, Ennerdale and Kinniside Parish

We have entered into agreements to create public bridleways alongside the road at Low Moor End (NY 072 158 to NY 073 158) and through Broadmoor Plantation to Sawdust Lonning (NY 077 158 to NY 084 157).  We would like to thank the landowners (United Utilities and Forestry England) and Ennerdale & Kinniside Parish Council for enabling this creation to happen.

Date agreement effective: 07 September 2022

Links to maps of Low Moor End and Broadmoor Bridleways

Date to remove from website: 10 March 2023

Diversion of Footpath 537003, H&V Factory, Kentmere Parish

We have confirmed the Order diverting footpath 537003 between NY 4561 0194 and NY 4557 0222 from the H&V factory yard to a route through the woodlands to the west of the factory.

Order Confirmed 13 September 2022

Link to Notice, Order and Plan

Date to remove from website: 30 March 2023