Inspire your kids to get close to nature this summer

John Muir Award for families

Mission: Explore John Muir illustration of John Muir balancing on a mountain top!The John Muir Award is set up for groups, individuals and families to get involved across the UK.

Here in the Lake District, we've got the perfect location for you to take on the John Muir Award with your family.

Help your children make connections with its wonderful wild places, put something back to help conserve this amazing area and achieve a prestigious award as a family at the same time to celebrate your experiences. 

It's lots of fun and it's really simple to take part!

How to get started

  1. For guidance read the John Muir Award Information Handbook (PDF - large file), view our introductory film or read some case studies (links open in new windows).
  2. Plan your activity and integrate this with the four challenges (opens in new window).
  3. Fill out a Proposal Form (Word document) and email it to Please send it at least two weeks before you are planning to start your award. If you have any questions, please call Graham Watson on 01539 792 653.
  4. Graham will then be in touch to discuss your Proposal, suggest changes if necessary and give you the go ahead.
  5. Start your John Muir Award experience!

At the end, complete a Certificate Request Form (Word) (opens in new window) and discuss with Graham. You'll then receive your own individual (or family) certificates.

What other families have done

Emma and her family wrote a blog about their Family John Muir Award adventures this summer.

"We all really enjoyed participating in the John Muir Award and the girls have been busy regaling family with their tales. Erin and Neve are now planning to write to Blue Peter to tell them about their adventures for their Green Blue Peter badge!" 
- Julie Young, Family John Muir Award at Brockhole.

About the John Muir Award

John Muir was an adventurer and explorer, who died in 1914. He also cared about wild places and campaigned for the very first National Parks.

The John Muir Award is a scheme run by conservation charity the John Muir Trust (opens in a new window) which invites you to Discover wild places, Explore them, Conserve them and Share your experiences.

Watch a video about what young people think about John Muir (links open in new windows).