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18 January 2019

Guest blogger

We link the amazing research, and inspiration from the national This Girl Can campaign to communities across Cumbria.

We are so lucky to have the Lake District National Park at the centre of our county. For some to enjoy on an everyday basis and others to visit frequently or occasionally.

Fear of judgement is a real barrier for many women thinking about being more active whether they live in or are visiting the Lake District. But there are so many ways to be active in the Lake District from walking the fells to wild swimming and fitting a few squats or hula hooping in between doing other stuff, the trick is to find something that suits you, and to set realistic goals for yourself.

We also hear that real women make real role models to inspire others. So this is what women are telling us about being active in the Lake District:

"For me, and I'm sure many other women out there, life is a fast treadmill and I make sure I take time out.

I love getting out on the fells for a run and thinking about nothing more than where my next step is totally clearing my mind. I know this helps me reduce my stress levels and maintain my wellbeing.” - Kathryn, Workington. 

Selfie of Woman on her run in the Lake District fells.

“Always follow your dream and don't let anything come in the way, there will be hurdles but go for's worth it.” - Jan, West Cumbria 

Woman on a Lake District fell summit.

"I go orienteering all over Cumbria. I currently run for Lakeland Orienteering Club, we moved up here to the Lake District 18 months ago and haven’t looked back!

This photo is a selfie I took whilst orienteering at Whinlatter recently, it was a beautiful, but chilly day and was just so nice to be out there almost by myself, using just the map and compass to plan my own route to try and locate as many controls as I could within the time limit.

This is why we moved to Cumbria, and why I am now a Cumbria Girl that can!" - Ali, South Lakes 

Selfie of woman orienteering in the Lake District

"I have always been a water baby, and the feeling of being on the water is relaxing and thrilling for me plus the enjoyment of being around nature and wildlife. Being active and outdoors helps me feel happier in myself, provides my brain a sense of clarity and being able to switch off from day to day stress in life builds my inner strength and confidence." - Lisa, North Lakes. 

Selfie of two women wild swimming in the Lake District.

There is a huge variety of ways to get moving, the challenge is to find something that suits you, whether it is a personal challenge, an outdoor adventure, a team sport, an activity class or any sort of work out at home or on holiday, in the garden or the park. Being active provides an opportunity to have your own space, or to spend time with others.

Let us know how you get on, share your experience on the Cumbrian Girls Can Facebook page Find out more about the national ' and tag us. Find out more about the national 'This Girl Can' campaign.

Guest blogger

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Katie Harper from Cumbrian Girls Can

Cumbrian Girls Can is a community initiative that encourages, supports and inspires women to be active.

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